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Kiel Card/bDelayrate Function Error


Hello guys

My problem is the Kiel Card Function, I'm using PRE_RE Settings but the card increase the interval, OK OK!! I inverted the value like + to - or - to + and nothing !! That only increase's the delay! How it's possible?

Not only this card, but others items like armor's don't execute this value correctly!

I mean that it happened since I downloaded the rAthena, came that issue for me...

I need to try other thing?



  - Id: 4403
    AegisName: Kiel_Card
    Name: Kiel-D-01 Card
    Type: Card
    Buy: 20
    Weight: 10
      Head_Low: true
      Head_Mid: true
      Head_Top: true
      BuyingStore: true
    Script: |
        bonus bDelayrate,-30;


  - Id: 2374
    AegisName: Diabolus_Robe
    Name: Diabolus Robe
    Type: Armor
    Buy: 20
    Weight: 300
    Defense: 6
    Slots: 1
      Acolyte: true
      Archer: true
      BardDancer: true
      Hunter: true
      Mage: true
      Monk: true
      Priest: true
      Sage: true
      Wizard: true
      Upper: true
      Armor: true
    EquipLevelMin: 55
    Refineable: true
    Script: |
      bonus bMaxSP,150;
      bonus bMdef,5;
      bonus bHealPower,6;
      bonus bDelayRate,-10;


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1. Git your src folder + Commit files (No need to push to public).

2. Replace your src folder with latest rAthena src folder.

3. Revert your lost source edition (If need).

4. Clean and build.

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4 hours ago, ItsRas said:

Yeah this is a problem before but there's a fix for this already 

This should fix the issue;

Fixes skill aftercast delay

Thanks sir.

I added all lines and recompiled but I have problems,

I think I changed something or not, but don't have, how you see, the delay_rate function...? s_bonus function?

Knows the interligation: delay_rate // s_bonus // map_session_data Do you know what is that?

But not all lines I changed had problems.

I searched for something I could have change but nothing.... What to do? Please.


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Hmmm I didn't get these error when I patch it manually.

Make sure you add it correctly, kindly double check.

Showing 4 changed files with 17 additions and 15 deletions.

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