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Thanatos warp npc


Hi everyone,

I would need a script from a npc which teleports the player to the map of the boss thanatos and then he can give the fragments to the 4 monster and summon the boss.

Only 1 player can enter (outside players will see a message indicating that someone is summoning the boss).
If the player dies, then the warp will be available and another player can enter in the map for kill the boss.
if the boss is killed, when a player talks to the npc they will see a message => Thanatos was killed by "Player name" at "Time of death".
when the boss is killed, he will have a 2 hour cooldown to be summoned.

thank you all in advance for your help

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prontera,155,181,5	script	Sample	757,{
	if (select("Enter", "Cancel") == 1) {
		if (getmapusers("thana_boss")) {
			mes "Someone's already inside.";
		else {
			for ([email protected] = 7436; [email protected] <= 7439; [email protected]++)
				if (!countitem([email protected]))
					getitem [email protected];
			warp thana_boss, 0, 0;


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