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Sprite 2 blades equipped in assassin


Good night family, I need some help ...

add a custom weapon for the assassin, i have her sprite for when assassin equips both weapons, but when i equip both the sprite doesn’t appear, how do i make the sprite appear when he equips these two custom weapons?


I took this image on the net as an example, two weapons equipped but there is no sprite

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I tried to leave the sprite name as follows but also unsuccessful


someone who can give me a light to solve this problem?

and how can I make the customer read differently?

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client reads this sprite

¾î¼¼½Å_¿©_´Ü°Ë_´Ü°Ë.spr Dagger, Dagger (Female)
¾î¼¼½Å_¿©_´Ü°Ë_°Ë.spr Dagger, Sword (Female)
¾î¼¼½Å_¿©_´Ü°Ë_µµ³¢.spr Dagger, Axe (Female)
¾î¼¼½Å_¿©_°Ë_°Ë.spr Sword, Sword (Female)
¾î¼¼½Å_¿©_°Ë_µµ³¢.spr Sword, Axe (Female)
¾î¼¼½Å_¿©_µµ³¢_µµ³¢.spr Axe, Axe (Female)

so what ever your custom weapon is if you use both of them it will appeared the default.

15 hours ago, powkda said:

and how can I make the customer read differently?

it cant it unless you know more on hexes of client.

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