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Industrial-Illusions Hiring Spree

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So, it would've been against the forum rules for me to use the Server Jobs area to advertise all these job openings, so I've thrown this here instead.

What is I-I? Industrial-Illusions Ltd is a company formed in the UK that governs various projects that I've been involved with for many, many years. Most of the projects up until recently have been retail sites, but I-I is now veering towards game development and publishing. With this in mind, I-I is in need of staff. Some are actual paid jobs with a yearly salary, some are requests for volunteers - it depends on the project.

Here is a list of projects (and they type) and open positions. This list is accurate at the time of posting.

Mobile Apps

I-I has 3 Android games available on the Google Play Store.

  • 3 x Android Game Tester (Test Phase Dept.) - Volunteer


A persistent browser-based game (PBBG) set in the underworld. Take the role of a creature and bring out your inner-demon.

  • 2 x Game Tester (Test Phase Dept.) - Volunteer
  • 2 x Game Staff Team Members (Game Management Dept.) - Volunteer
  • 1 x Game Developer (Game Development Dept.) - Salaried Position


Yeah, we know you've seen the banner.

  • 2 x Game Masters (Game Management Dept.) - Volunteer
  • 1 x Pixel Art Content Designer (Game Development Dept.) - Salaried Position


We're in need of help with replying to support tickets due to 1 member of the team leaving last week and another sadly passed away from Covid-19 in May. With the infrastructure upgrades over the last few weeks I've had little time to reply - and with only the billing dept. covered it's been difficult to respond to everyone's technical queries/issues. 

  • 2 x 1st Line Support Technician - Volunteer
  • 1 x 2nd Line Support Technician - Salaried Position


You can apply for any of the above positions after registering on I-I's new forums here: https://community.industrial-illusions.net/apply/

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