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Super Lightweight and Simple MySQL Databse Backup System

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A super simple and lightweight SQL Database Backup System.  
This auto backsup your database every 24 Hours or more. Can't go less.

Download (Code Here)

- NodeJS v12+  
- Understanding

- Download the Code. (can use git)  
- Go to the main directory of the code using your terminal/cmd. (Where index.js is)  

// run
$ node .
// or
$ node index

How to run this 24/7?
This will close when you close your terminal. I good way to keep this up without closing is using `pm2`.  
To install `pm2`, simply do the following.  

$ npm install pm2 -g
// or
$ yarn add pm2 -g

How would i run it?

$ pm2 start index.js

(Make sure you're in the main directory of the code. Where index.js is)  
That would make it run 24/7 even when closing the terminal/cmd.


  "mysql": {
    "username": "username",
    "password": "password",
    "host": "localhost",
    "port": 3306,
    "databases": [

  "backupInterval": 86400

config.mysql is where all your mysql data would be.  
*.username is what your mysql username is.  
*.password is the password for your mysql username.  
*.host is where the mysql server is hosted. or localhost for the same host or vps.  
*.databases[] an array of the name of the databases to backup.  

config.backupInterval is the amount of seconds to wait before creating a new backup. Default is 86400 (1 day).  
Take note that you can't go less than 86400.

How does this work?
I simply used child_process to create a new process and would run mysqldump to export Mysql databases.  
After exporting, the code closes the process of the ran command and then would wait for the interval to be finished, then repeat the process.

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Posted (edited)

Why should one use this instead of cron (or Windows' Task Scheduler) for scheduling a backup?

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The only advantage this has is the fact that it's simple to use, has an easy to setup config. But you need to install node.js
And this would also work for linux.

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7 hours ago, UniC said:

the fact that it's simple to use

But.. so is cron.. and you wouldn't need to install another package just to echo out the same code that you'd put into cron in the first place o.O

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