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Pet bonus that summons monsters

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So I made necromancer into a pet and I was trying all the available bonus scripts I could think of to get him to summon monsters, but it wasn't working. Couldn't even get him to add a bonus to drop dead branches by chance. BUT THEN, I remembered that some pets already summon monsters- like Sera, and I was able to take the pieces (source code and the various skill_db files) to Summon Legion and was able to create a new move that I only plan to use as a "pet bonus", where I can use bonus3, "skillname", skill_lv, proc chance to make it seem like my pet is summoning whatever monsters I want it to. The nice thing is- skills have a max lv of over ten, which means I could have ten different pets summoning ten different enemies at different amounts. And I did get this to work. My necromancer procs rake scaraba spawning right now (my test mob). I encourage you all to try it out. It's quite fun. You could make a lunatic that spawns 10 more lunatics if you want to. I don't plan to release the code in the source releases, because it's a lot of different little file edits, and I have yet to figure out how to make a branch on GitHub. If it was easier to share code, I'd do it. 😕

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