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Very basic Costume Enchant script


Hello! I'm requesting a simple Malangdo Costume Enchant script so I can understand the mechanics involved... And in turn expand on it to make a proper Malangdo Costume Enchant NPC. I would like it to work in the following way:

1. Accepts two items that can be dragged and dropped like selling items in a shop. A enchant stone and the costume to be enchanted.

2. A if condition checks to see if the costume is an appropriate match for the type of stone used  (both are high/mid/low headgear or garment).

3. The stone is removed from inventory and the resulting Enchanted Costume items is created.

I only need a working example for a single costume/stone pair... I don't need 700 lines of confusing arrays and over half a dozen NPCs like this script...

Edit: Something based on the Card Remover NPC might work too, where it checks to see if you are wearing a custom item and asks you to select from available stones.

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