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Dress Changer & Breeder. How to have it work properly?


Hello rAthena! 

May I ask? I am using Secret's dress room to switch outfits and was wondering how to make the breeder work along with this properly?

Secret's dress changer only switches the character's sprite/appearance so when I click the breeder it would recognize the characters that have got a third job sprite as non-third jobs, which means that they are given falcons, pecos and carts rather than wargs, dragons/gryphons and mado gear.

Is there a way I can have it recognize their (third) class sprite some way and be given the correct rental facility? Thanks a lot. 🙂 

prontera,155,180,3    script    Universal Rental NPC    469,{
    if (ismounting()) {
        message strcharinfo(0),"You must first remove your mount.";
        end; }
    else if ((eaclass()&EAJ_THIRDMASK==EAJ_RANGER) && !countitem(6124)) {
        if (!checkfalcon() && getskilllv("HT_FALCON") && !checkwug()) {
            if(select(" ~ Falcon: ~ Warg")==1) setfalcon;
            else getitem 6124,1; }
        else getitem 6124,1; }
    else if ((eaclass()&EAJ_THIRDMASK==EAJ_MECHANIC) && !checkcart() && getskilllv("MC_PUSHCART")) {
        if (!checkmadogear() && getskilllv("NC_MADOLICENCE")) {
            if(select(" ~ Cart: ~ Mado")==1) setcart;
            else setmadogear; }
        else setcart; }
    else if (!checkcart() && getskilllv("MC_PUSHCART")) setcart;
    else if (!checkfalcon() && getskilllv("HT_FALCON") && !checkwug()) setfalcon;
    else if (!checkriding() && getskilllv("KN_RIDING")) {
        if (eaclass()&EAJ_THIRDMASK==EAJ_RUNE_KNIGHT) setdragon;
        else setriding; }
    else if (!checkmadogear() && getskilllv("NC_MADOLICENCE")) setmadogear;
    else {
        message strcharinfo(0),"You do not meet requirements to rent.";
        end; }
    specialeffect2 276;
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You will either need to edit the source code of the game for that or replace the sprites themselves. Hope it give you more info.

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