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Increased mob ATK



I've got a weird problem. All monsters have a lot higher ATK, than they should. For example, Lunatic should have ATK 9-12, at least that's what both databases say, mob_db.txt and mob_db in sql, but its real ATK in game is 23-26. All other stats and parameters like HP, EXP, etc. are as they should be. I looked through all possible conf files, if there is not some ATK increase for mobs, but found nothing. I found out, the increase isn't numerical, or percentage, it just seems like some random increases. Does anybody here know where should I look? 


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Okay I searched for a while and figured out the root cause is the config change that came with the commit above. It also affects pre-renewal.

You will need to find battle.conf config file and change:

// Who should have a baseatk value (makes str affect damage)? (Note 3)
enable_baseatk: 0x29F

Back to:

// Who should have a baseatk value (makes str affect damage)? (Note 3)
enable_baseatk: 9


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Are you on renewal because if you are there are new damage calculations for monsters: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/fe197bfa120aef5fd31c6896122b35fdc06774b4

Basically the ATK displayed in mobinfo is:

mob->status.batk + mob->status.rhw.atk, mob->status.batk + mob->status.rhw.atk2

Base attack for monsters:

str = dstr + level;

Atk is 80% of Atk.

Atk2 is 120% of Atk.

So let's take a look at lunatic:




Base attack = 10+3 = 13
ATK1 = 11 * 0.8 = 8
ATK2 = 11 * 1.2 = 13

So Lunatic damage is 21~26.

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Sure, that's where I found out attack is this high.

Actually no, I am on pre-renewal. All other stats are as they should be, only atk is off. And if I'm right, @mi command should display ATK1 and ATK2.

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

It actually works, you are a lifesaver!

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