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  1. Hi everybody, I've got a script, where I need something to happen after the player dies. But that something keeps happening every time the player dies even though I put an "end;" at the end. Sure, I can put there some condition before and after "announce", but is there some more elegant way to do that? Thanks a lot. prt_fild01,261,360,2 script Blah 849,{ monster "prt_fild01",262,361,"Assassin",1647,1; end; OnPCDieEvent: announce "You are dead!!!!!!",4; end; }
  2. Hi everyone, is it possible to have disabled NPC by default, so I can enable it only when I need to or create an NPC from within the script? Thanks
  3. Sure, that's where I found out attack is this high.
  4. Hi, I've got a weird problem. All monsters have a lot higher ATK, than they should. For example, Lunatic should have ATK 9-12, at least that's what both databases say, mob_db.txt and mob_db in sql, but its real ATK in game is 23-26. All other stats and parameters like HP, EXP, etc. are as they should be. I looked through all possible conf files, if there is not some ATK increase for mobs, but found nothing. I found out, the increase isn't numerical, or percentage, it just seems like some random increases. Does anybody here know where should I look? Thanks.
  5. Thanks. But how do I create that NPC just for the current instance? Map name won't accept variables. To explain that a bit further.... After the character touches certain coordinates, I want to display a message and then a mob will attack the character.
  6. Hi, Is there any way I can create an NPC inside an instance that would trigger OnTouch? Or just trigger some script after stepping on certain coordinates inside an instance without an NPC? Thanks.
  7. Thanks, this may work. And is there something to make this permanent even after the character logs out and back in again?
  8. Hi, I am working on a script and I need an NPC or mob or something that can use sprites to follow the character. 'summon' can be used, but it is not permanent and the mob disappears after log off. Is there any way this can done? Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone, I've got a weird issue on pre-re server. As I wrote in a title, decrease agi doesn't slow down mobs. It decreases actual agility, but the mobs are moving with the same speed. I checked all possible skill databases and all files were that skill is. But found no apparent problem. Has anyone here experienced this issue? Thank you.
  10. I tried Audition and Audacity with same results. I am going to try Format Factory.
  11. Thanks for the reply. As I wrote in my first post, I have converted all my mp3s to 128. When I replace or add the new 128 mp3s, they work just fine. But then I close the client, log back in and some of them just don't work anymore, no matter how many times I close and open the client again. And I also found out, when my character is on a map, mp3 file assigned to the map is locked and read only, but those that don't work are not.
  12. Hi everyone, I've got a strange problem with BGM. I wanted to add some music and replace some I don't like. I found out, it is not as easy as just replacing the file. Replacing the file works for some, but doesn't for most of them, usually VBR. I've read somewhere on the forum, mp3 needs to be converted to bitrate of 128k. Well, I've done that. The music worked fine. After a while, not doing anything with music anymore, some of those tracks I replaced stopped working. For example, I replaced like 10 tracks and 5 of them stopped working after some time. Has anybody here experienced this issue I'm having? Thanks a lot.
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