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Monster soft MDEF

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After some digging in the code I found that monster's renewal soft MDEF is calculated as (INT + LEVEL)/4. Is that correct? It seems weird to me when players have (INT) + (LEVEL/4)+ more stuff instead so basically INT has only 1/4 of the effect on mobs (or anything that's not a PC, actually isn't that really bad for homunculus too?). I tried searching the net but found no information on this whatsoever.

This huge difference seems to be only for mdef - def is calculated as VIT/2 for both players and monsters, the only difference there is the players getting an additional AGI/5 and monsters do not.

Without access to official information I can't help but suspect this might be a misplaced parenthesis issue, so I'd like someone to confirm the official formula does use INT/4 and not INT.

Basically, the player's formula has (status->int_ + ((float)level / 4) while everything else has ((float)(status->int_ + level) / 4) and I find that odd.

Edit : found more problems, so posted here : https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/4185

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well i havnt encountered issues balancing because i just look at it like this

1 point of defense = 1% of damage resistances on monsters about

vit and int raise soft defense which is flat (almost worthless as defensive stats besides raising your main resource pools)


when I work on custom monsters I just give them hard def/mdef

then use their statis like int and vit as status related checks like stun


I know a few skills balance off these main status but w/e



But you may be on to something 😛

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