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Red Card Template & Satan Morocc Card

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Dear rAthena folk,

I was looking for a way to replace the Artwork of the  Satan Morocc (or Morroc - whatsoever) card. Gravity never officially released this card.

After couple hours on GIMP I decided to share the blank card and my rework with the community. File is in .XFC format, but it should be compatible with Photoshop as well.

Compatibility: Export the file as 24bit BMP & "write color space information" unchecked, otherwise the Client won't recognize the .bmp file.

Left: Old Artwork | Right: Reworked Artwork

Artwork Credits: Gravity | aBsolitude


You can change anything in the provided .XFC file thanks to layering.




• Added Attribute Layer

• Minor corrections


• Initial release



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Can you guide the text's font or size plz

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Hello @Joam,

I used a font called "DejaVu Math TeX Gyre", 15 Size and -1.0 letter spacing. (Using GIMP on Manjaro Linux KDE)

It's not the original font that Gravity uses in their cards but it looks quite similar.  Furthermore, don't forget to outline the title with white color.

Font.png.39c1f86427f8a7e246e9b61daadde288.png le

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