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[Showcase] Mining System

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Did not found any Scripting Showcase section so I'm posting it here. Hope it isn't a problem!

Mining System
by OscarScorp & Zulf
Inspired in Mining systems from other games, myself and in colaboration with Zulf (he did most part of the script), we've created a system with our own style and vision.
Here's a 1-minute video explaining the major features:


- Quest: After completing a quest, the user is able to do the following:
- Craft pickaxes: In order to start mining, the user needs to craft & equip a Pickaxe (Old Pickaxe can also be used, but is the pickaxe with the lowest durability (7318 (Old_Pick)).
- Equip pickaxes: by using a special item (0 weight, usable).
- Mine: Start mining when finding these special NPCs by approaching and talking to them (must be up-close).
- Rewards: Obtain a variety of items depending on the quality of the Mine.
 Low level mines drop items such as Iron Ore, Stone, Coal, Rough Oridecon, Rough Elunium.
 Medium level mines drop precious stones used for Forging Weapons, Oridecons and Eluniums.
 High level mines drop Diamond Carats, special forging ingredients.
 Epic level mines drop Enriched Elunium and Enriched Oridecon. These only appear at high level dungeons.
- Level Up Mining Skill: The user is granted with a special Mining Skill (shown in the Misc tab) which can be leveled up from level 1 to a maximum of level 10. User only obtains exp for the Mining skill when mining. The higher the Mine tier, the higher the EXP is obtained. Higher Mining skill level unlocks the ability to mine from higher tier Mines.
- Loot Chances: Every item has a drop chance which is increased by Mining Skill Level. Items that are more rare, have a lower chance to drop. Higher tier Pickaxes grants the user chance to drop 2 items when mining.

Feedback is Appreciated!
- If you happen to play in a server with this system, would you complete the quest and Mine? or would you leave it to other players?

- The Mine sprites are done by me. What do you think? Are they easy to see? Are they too small or too large? Are the colors proper for the system?

- We thought of a Stamina system (not implemented) which the user would require a certain ammount of Stamina in order to Mine, otherwise, the character will show a /wahemote, with a message in chat, explaining that the user has very low Stamina and needs to recover.
  How to recover Stamina? By eating Cooking items (food which grants +1 to +10 status), this is to give more use to these foods and the Cooking quest.

  What do you think? Do you think it would turn it too tedious? Or do you think this system will promote players to cook and sell their food, and at the end, improving everyone's economy?

- Any feedback is very appreciated! /thx


Note: Our server is not yet online. We're still working on it.

Edited by OscarScorp
Loot Chances.
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Fine, but I would not do my style, because the mining system has to have the pick and helmet... it's practically fundamental that.

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On 3/21/2019 at 8:26 AM, AndyTheGoblin said:

how are you gonna get your players to mine when you can just farm ? 

It's called being creative.

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On 3/21/2019 at 6:26 AM, AndyTheGoblin said:

how are you gonna get your players to mine when you can just farm ? 

Some items are exclusive to mining!
If the player wants to craft a special weapon, it can only be crafted with these exclusive ingredients. Or they could buy it from other players, but those who mine will earn extra cash!

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