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November Digest 2018

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November Digest 2018
The following digest covers the month of November 2018.


Staff Changes:

  • None

Development Highlights:

  • CORE:
    • Added multi level up level caps (a47e6cb4)
    • Updated the list of skills usable in Madogear (fd91ab62)
    • Implemented official buy/sell amount restrictions (e8c11624)
    • Added some additional guild loading checks (a4c8039c)
    • Corrected Ignition Break animation (78cda50e)
    • Corrected script command setunitdata HP/Max HP (404973f6)
    • Updated Hammer of God behavior (0c6b772d)
    • Corrected Reins of Mount interaction with hiding (24dca111)
    • Corrected Raid damage for renewal (a8f01ecc)
    • Corrected trap splash count (7cc44e55)
    • Corrected Fire Charm and Exploding Dragon damage (16c2f22f)
    • Fixed a potential crash on change map events (505a0cd8)
    • Resolved Small and Large Life Potion Healing (47d76205)
    • Corrected Absorb Spirit Sphere on self (eafb1cb7)
    • Refactored item bonuses to utilize C++ features (c71ef92f)
    • Added drop highlighting effect feature (bde580fd)
    • Fixed possible string out of bounds in configurations (bff89bd7)
    • Updated CN Meteor and Lunatic CB behavior (9758a38f)
    • Corrected Electric Shocker versus MVP (a0d10876)
    • Corrected White Imprison and reflected damage (e02e85b6)
    • Corrected a potential overflow in item bonuses (5cc368a1)
    • Corrected Stone Hard Skin Rune effects (0bb279b6)
    • Corrected possible item loss during char login (6a49dc2b)
    • Corrected Platinum Shotel and Curved Sword (d9b00bd7)
    • Added Equipments/weapons from ep17.1 (795aa825)
    • Added Illusion of Labyrinth item DB (348acd18)
    • Added KRO items november-07-2018 (a8175337)
    • Added missing bracket for sql synchro (56f5333a)
    • Corrected atcommand reloadscript and NPC dialogs (a7d8fbae)
    • Added missing Phantasmagorika Spokesperson (5dbe3dba)
    • Prevent duplicate npc (dbf2f232)
    • Fixed a bug in Gaebolg Family Curse script (756ef38b)
    • None


  • Excluding merges, 7 authors have pushed 48 commits to master and 75 commits to all branches.
  • On master, 104 files have changed and there have been 2,069 additions and 1,705 deletions.
  • 50 Active Pull Requests
  • 59 Active Issues
  • 41 Merged Pull Requests
  • 20 Proposed Pull Requests
  • 9 Closed Issues
  • 46 New Issues

List of Contributors:

@admkakaroto, @aleos89, @Angelic234, @Asheraf, @Atemo, @Badarosk0, @Balferian, @crazystorm2017, @cydh, @dastgirp, @Everade, @exneval, @flamefury, @FriggRM, @Joao1905, @kukuasir1, @laziem, @lelouch22, @Lemongrass3110, @mrjnumber1, @Rytech2, @slyx88, @syracuase, @teededung, @Tokeiburu, @vykimo, @zackdreaver


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  • MVP 1
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