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PvP Ranking


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Hi guys, I'd like some help from you guys who understand SQL and PHP.

I'm using Stolao's PvP, and would like to add it to my fluxcp.

In my theme uses the pvp dota (https://pastebin.com/3iphSgrr), then I would get to know how it is for the Stolao PvP

PvP Stolao: https://github.com/Stolao/Npc_Release/blob/master/PvP_Ladder/Pvp_Ladder.txt


$sqlpvp = "SELECT `pvpladder`.`kills`, `pvpladder`.`streaks`, `pvpladder`.`deaths`, `char`.`name`, `char`.`class`, `char`.`base_level`, `char`.`job_level`, `char`.`account_id`, `char`.`online`, `login`.`sex` FROM `pvpladder` LEFT JOIN `char` ON `char`.`char_id` = `pvpladder`.`char_id` LEFT JOIN `login` ON `login`.`account_id` = `char`.`account_id` WHERE `login`.`state` = '0' ORDER BY `pvpladder`.`kills` DESC, `pvpladder`.`streaks` DESC, `pvpladder`.`deaths` DESC, `char`.`base_exp` DESC LIMIT 0,5";


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