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Release: Hotkey Scripts

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Gets all the target's current hotkeys. If <char_id> is not specified,
will attach to the current player.
Sets the following arrays:
	@hotkey_type	- Type of data in hotkey, 0 for items and 1 for skills
	@hotkey_id		- ID of the skill/item
	@hotkey_lv		- Skill Level/Item Amount
	@hotkey_pos		- Hotkey position

@hotkey_count - Returns the max hotkey count.



Updates a player's hotkey.
<type>	- 0 for item, 1 for skill
<id>	- Skill Name/Skill ID/Item ID(will only store skills/items you have)
<lv>	- Skill Level/Item Amount(will always store item amount player is holding)
<pos>	- Position of the Hotkey(0 is the first hotkey)
<flag>	- (Optional)
			0 = Default
			1 = Delete duplicate on the same row
			2 = Delete duplicate on all rows
<char_id> - (Optional)Target's Character ID. If not specified, will attach to the current player



Clears the target's hotkeys. If <char_id> is not specified,
will attach to the current player.

Very useful for storing skill builds, can be used for custom atcommand to instantly change hotkey setup.

Can also be used to immediately equip given skills/items, for example:


prontera,150,150,4	script	InstantEquip	80,{
	skill "SM_BASH",10,0;
	updatehotkey(1,"SM_BASH",10,0); //Will Equip Bash to the first Hotkey
	getitem 501,50;
	[email protected] = 1; //If 1 removes duplicate on the same hotkey row, if 2 removes duplicate on all the rows.
	updatehotkey(0,501,50,1,[email protected]); //Will Equip Item: Red Potion to the second Hotkey


4044,Smokie_Card,Smokie Card,6,20,,10,,,,,,,,136,,,,,{ skill "TF_HIDING",1; updatehotkey(1,"TF_HIDING",1,2,1); },{},{ sc_end SC_HIDING; } //Sets Hide Lv1 skill on 3rd Hotkey
1135,Cutlas,Cutlus,5,20,,900,150,,1,0,0x000654E2,63,2,2,4,40,1,2,{ skill "SM_BASH",5; updatehotkey(1,"SM_BASH",5,1,1); bonus bStr,2; bonus bDef,1; },{},{} //Sets Bash Lv5 skill on 2nd Hotkey

The player must have the Skill or Item in order to show in the hotkey bar. The max hotkey positions depend on your server's MAX_HOTKEYS, the default for client versions above 2009-06-17 is 38. 38 = 9 skills x 4 bars & 2 Quickslots

Manual Download: hotkey_scripts.rar

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Added manual download
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Posted (edited)

I'm using this functions in my server, players can switch between 2 classes and now they recover the hot keys in each state.

Thanks, very useful.

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