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Hello everyone, I'm not all that great at introductions so I'll try to just keep this brief.

These past few months I've been trying to learn some of the basics of programming, including taking a free introduction course in computer science, as well as reading plenty of online resources and tinkering with various languages, trying to find a good starting point. These past few days I've been looking for some sort of project I could get into that would keep me motivated and allow me to get my hands dirty, and I remembered messing with a few private servers as a teenager, which is ultimately what has led me here.

I've skimmed over the installation documentation, and it looks kind of similar to how I've installed private servers in the past. I just figured I'd join the community before I actually got started and see if this kind of project would be right for me.

I'm not looking to create the next big popular Ragnarok Online private server, I'm really just looking to use this as a good learning experience, provided that this is in fact a place I could do so.

If anyone has any suggestions or feedback, I appreciate it in advance. Once I get a little more information maybe I could narrow down my exact goals. As of right now I'm mainly interested in if anyone else may possibly be here for the same reasons.


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I'm mostly here to make a project I enjoy making and playing I don't care about player base nor what others want for most part. If your here to make the next big server I wish you the best of luck.


As for a place to practice your coding rAthena is a good emulator to work in I have found most the restrictions you will find are client side rather then server side as a heads up.

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