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Refine Database Reworked!

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Refine Database Reworked

As of Git Hash: e24d30a, rAthena's refine database has been reworked.


  • refine_db.txt has been converted to YAML format with new name, refine_db.yml.
  • This should help with readability and easier customizations.
  • Refine rates can now be set in the refine_db.yml once and for all.
  • rAthena's provided refiners have been updated to follow these adjustments in refine_db.yml.
  • Official smelting event is now available. You can toggle event_refine_chance config in conf/battle/items.conf to enable smelting event.
  • Refine rates will be increased significantly when smelting event is turned on.

If you find any issues after updating, please let us know via our issue tracker!

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