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Packet Database Overhaul

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Packet Database Overhaul
As of Git Hash: f0ab8d2, the packet database has had a complete overhaul!

Thanks to @Lemongrass for his work on it!

What does this mean?

  • The clientinfo.xml client version value will be ignored from now on.
  • The src/custom/defines_pre.h and src/custom/defines_post.h are there for people their own packets, set PACKETVER, and set custom Packet Obfuscation keys without having to modify the default header files.
  • By setting PACKETVER the server will configure everything else on it's own from now on.
  • Custom Packet Obfuscation keys use the following format:
  • The shuffled packets and official obfuscation keys are in their own header files for easy lookup.
  • Adds support for a lot of missing clients and features for almost all clients from 2016 and 2017.
  • Dropped atcommand reloadpacketdb and script command is_clientver.
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