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RODEX Support

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RODEX Support
As of Git Hash: 58776da, rAthena now supports the RODEX System!

Thanks to @Lemongrass for getting it applied to rAthena!

What is RODEX?

  • RODEX (RO Delivery Express) is the replacement of the Mail System within RO. (Read more here)
  • Requires PACKETVER 20150513 or newer.
  • All mailbox NPC are disabled as RODEX is accessible through the client.
  • Basic configurations can be found in conf/battle/misc.conf with more configurations in conf/char_athena.conf.
    • mail_return_days and mail_delete_days are defaulted to 15 days for when an unread message is returned and another 15 days for when that returned message is finally deleted.
  • As with the previous mail system, zeny and items can be sent through RODEX.
    • RODEX supports up to 5 attached items now, as opposed to 1.
    • A tax of 2,500 zeny per item (misc.conf::mail_attachment_price) and a tax of 2% zeny when sending zeny (misc.conf::mail_zeny_fee).
  • Players are given a default of 100 mail stamps a day. (misc.conf::mail_daily_count)
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