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I been using the new mvp ranking on fluxcp.  With the rates I'm using, you can see there getting a big chunck of exp. 

[SQL]: DB error - Out of range value for column 'mvpexp' at row 1
[Debug]: at log.c:325 - INSERT DELAYED INTO `mvplog` (`mvp_date`, `kill_char_id`, `monster_id`, `prize`, `mvpexp`, `map`) VALUES (NOW(), '150051', '2022', '0', '216000000', 'guild_vs2-2')

I figured on the mvpexp column, if I changed the the mediumint to bigint, the errors stopped.  Maybe to prevent feature problems, we could have this updated on git.  Might be worth while, since more people will be using the mvplog with their fluxcp.

Shit, this should probably be moved to database discussion.... my bad.

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