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  1. srhmike

    Help with game_crash_log

    Well by looking at the crash log, the only thing that catches my eye is: 00# [FAIL] sprite\몬스터\초보자.act [4290 ms] 01# [FAIL] sprite\몬스터\초보자.act [4290 ms] 02# [FAIL] sprite\몬스터\초보자.spr [4290 ms] 03# [FAIL] sprite\몬스터\초보자.spr [4290 ms]
  2. srhmike

    Healing in mvp

    Like, in MvP rooms? The player using it, or the mvp?
  3. Does your client have read data folder first? Check to see if those lub are in the data folder. Maybe need to edit them also
  4. srhmike

    Stragnes with FluxCP or stupid? XD

    In your screenshot your putting funro in 2nd. Try putting it before default. Its best to leave the default alone. If that doesnt work, try putting 'funro' only. and remove the 'default' on the theme name.
  5. srhmike

    Problem implant custom

    Yes you can use custom items in that client version. If your getting a gravity error. Make sure you put the sprites in the right location. Make sure your Lua/lub are correct.
  6. srhmike

    Cant make custom item in latest rathena

    What does the line above it look like?
  7. There isn't enough information to help you. Is the map server crashing or does the client just freeze? Do you have anything in the logs?
  8. srhmike

    How add custom itens ?

    Try checking the wiki out.
  9. srhmike

    Reset girl reset levels

    // Skills, Stats, Both, Limit setarray [email protected], 5000, 5000, 9000, 0; Wouldnt setting the limit to 0 make it unlimited? Then change the 5000 to 1000000 Next time set the script into a code box. It'll make life easier.
  10. srhmike

    Count to a Million

  11. srhmike

    Making your client download?

    There are programs out there that will make a full installer for you. You just have to add in your entire ragnarok folder. You can also make a patch installer, that you create patches, with each patch has files, and the patcher can install the client fully. A light setup, you just create an install or zip file that has only the files that are required to run you server. For example, your GRF, your exe, and any other custom things you added to the client.
  12. srhmike


    The picture you provided shows how to fix the problem. Need to change the file persmissions for the log folder.
  13. srhmike

    getting to new guild dungeon

    That link gave you the map name to where the MvP was located. Guild Investments --
  14. Did you change anything in your conf/log_athena.conf? And is your MySQL Log database in conf/inter_athena.conf correctly entered? // MySQL Log Database log_db_ip: log_db_port: 3306 log_db_id: ragnarok log_db_pw: ragnarok log_db_db: ragnarok log_codepage: log_login_db: loginlog And did you change anything in the Mysql database Tables, located at the bottom of conf/inter_athena.conf?