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I've been trying to get roBrowser to work and I think I have everything setup right...I've used the debugger and it pulls the files out of the grf's.  My issue seems to come while loading the cursors.spr file.  The specific error according to the Console is: Cursor::init() - SPR::load() - Incorrect header "<s", must be "SP"

After a long process I had tracked it down to the roBrowser\src\Loaders\Sprite.js file line 57-63

		this.fp      = new BinaryReader(data);
		this.header  = this.fp.readBinaryString(2);
		this.version = this.fp.readUByte()/10 + this.fp.readUByte();

		if (this.header != 'SP') {
			throw new Error('SPR::load() - Incorrect header "' + this.header + '", must be "SP"');

so maybe if someone who has roBrowser working on their server maybe could share their cursors.spr file maybe it'd work?  I am just wondering if mine is too old or something or just not the right version...I just don't know what else to try.

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Unfortunately, I never had the same error, so I'm not sure what could be wrong. For debugging you can try downloading my own fork and swapping the src folder with mine. If it still throws error, you might have an error in your client files so you should download new ones and replace them.

Here is my source:

For me, everything is working fine. (I made some updates and changes and implemented some things, so it's a bit different)

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