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Random Option System

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Random Option System
As of f296409, rAthena now supports Random Option System!

Random Option System is a feature that is implemented in 2015-05-13 clients and later.
It allows equipments to have up to 5 additional effects. You may think of it as 5 additional customizable card slots!
With this feature, we believe it will open many more possibilities for server owner and scripters to create contents.
However, this feature is still in initial release state. Bugs and issues may occur. We hope you could kindly report them to us.
Finally, in addition to the feature, we will release more script command support for this feature in the future. Stay tuned!

Details :
- This features requires 2015-05-13 client or later to display the bonus in the client.
- New database file has been added for renewal mode (db/re/item_randomopt_db.txt)
- You can add additional bonus in db/import/item_randomopt_db.txt as usual.

- New script commands. You can read more in doc/script_commands.txt

    * getrandomoptinfo - For reading attributes of the option calling this command itself.

    * getequiprandomoption - For reading attributes of an option on an equipped item.

    * setrandomoption - For applying an option to an equipped item.

Special thanks to Napster for the initial code base of this feature.

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Added new script commands
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