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[need help] never found this problem since 2008


I found problem now 

but cannot fix



Step of problem is 



1. folder old ragnarok name   folder "work1" 


2. and i copy file in folder work1 build new server

example folder name work2

it can run fine , without error 

but something not connect and cannot login to server


3.but if i copy file from work2 to old folder work1

it can run fine !!

and everything ok! play fine! 

(just need to use old folder )


4.and If I copy file from folder work1 to another new folder 

it will same number 2 (cannot connect if change folder)



That mean everything will run fine if i move to older folder.


How to fix it ?



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make sure everything is `not in use/close` before renaming the folder,
Make sure you copied it completely, and check for viruses on your pc.

you should search things like this in google, instead of asking here.

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thanks before you post i found some backdoor and now i know everything and fixed 

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