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  1. Latest Revision Mapserver random freeze 5% happen after login , or exit game Mapserver freeze without any error.
  2. becareful this client and source (Only if use for Public Online) (Ignore this comment if using for OFFLINE thanks) Something from Client (some old item still missing) example "5377" Gentleman pipe missing spr. and more old .spr that can make you have loop error until crash. Some script mistake from resource. rAthena github. (somescript /merchant not match) That no way missing from translate github , (due to some mistake is very old , but this using 20170614 packet client) hope it just some mistake and no backdoor or dangerous script. because some of my customer try to using this repack for Public and ask me how to fix many thing. sorry if it just your mistake delete something before. Please do not angry me anacondaqq , just fixed for my customer and found and come to feedback. thank you regards.
  3. thanks before you post i found some backdoor and now i know everything and fixed
  4. I found problem now but cannot fix Step of problem is example 1. folder old ragnarok name folder "work1" 2. and i copy file in folder work1 build new server example folder name work2 it can run fine , without error but something not connect and cannot login to server 3.but if i copy file from work2 to old folder work1 it can run fine !! and everything ok! play fine! (just need to use old folder ) 4.and If I copy file from folder work1 to another new folder it will same number 2 (cannot connect if change folder) That mean everything will run fine if i move to older folder. How to fix it ? thank