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12/16/2015 - Maintenance

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Common Patch:

- 2015 Xmas event started.
-> Period: 12/16/2015 until 1/13/2016.
-> Find antonio NPC located near the central fountain in the city of prontera.

Mains Servers:

- Smelting Ore Box XII sales event ended.
- Related cards horror toy factory instance are added.
- Gunslinker fix skill: [snake Eye] and [Tracking] don't increase ranged physical attack will be corrected.
- Auto-skill item [Protective Light] is modified so as not to reactivate while the its effect don't finish.
- Fix graphical errors when  summoner job (doram) transform under item effects.
Ex: piamette, faceworm queen, etc..
- Fix error with (shrink) effect when change you size.
- Pgang Ya Ppang Ya event ended.
- (Limited)Gym Membership Card Box(10) and (Limited)Halter Lead Box sales event ended.

Sakray Server:

- Fix somes erros in-game with navigation system.
- Sage skill fix: Whe you have 1 yellow gem in you inventory, the skill [Hocus-pocus]
consume this gem even failing skill and this phenomenon will be corrected.
- Doram fix skill: When autocast the second [scar of Tarou] this no add the debuff [Wound Bite] will be corrected.
- In Lighthalzen map [Veteran Adventurer NPC], items [Will of Warrior], [blood Thirst] and [Dead Man's Chest] can be replaced by [Fragments Vicious Wind], [Curse Fragment] and [Energy Fragment].


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- Pgang Ya Ppang Ya event ended.


That is a mouthful. Hehe.


As always, thanks for keeping us updated.  /no1 

~Azura Skyy

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