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Pajodex Ragnarok Scripting Services

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  • Scripting

Website: https://ko-fi.com/pajodex22/shop

About My Services

Are you looking to enhance your Ragnarok Online private server with personalized and unique features?

Look no further! As an experienced scripter and passionate Ragnarok player(not really), I offer my professional scripting services to help bring your server to life.

My Services:

  • Custom Quests: I can create engaging and immersive quests tailored to your server's storyline and gameplay. Whether you need intricate multi-part quests or simple objectives, I'll design quests that captivate your players and keep them engaged. NOTE: I wont accept official script replication.
  • NPC Scripting: Need special NPCs with distinct behaviors and dialogues? I'll script NPCs to offer services, interact with players, provide quests, sell items, and more. Let's breathe life into your game world with unique and memorable characters.
  • Event Creation: Engage your players with exciting and dynamic events. I can script custom events such as PvP tournaments, treasure hunts, boss raids, and seasonal celebrations to keep your server bustling with activity.
  • Gameplay Mechanics: If you want to introduce new gameplay mechanics or modify existing ones, I'm here to assist you. From custom skills and classes to item effects and balance adjustments, I'll help enhance the gameplay experience for your players.


Terms of Service:

  • Pricing and Payment: My scripting services are priced on a per-project basis. Once we discuss your requirements, I'll provide you with a detailed quote. Payment terms and milestones will be agreed upon before I commence any work.
  • Communication and Collaboration: I believe in open and clear communication to ensure your vision is accurately translated into the scripts. Throughout the project, I'll collaborate closely with you, providing regular updates and seeking your feedback.
  • Delivery Time: The estimated delivery time for your scripts will be provided in the project proposal. While I strive to meet agreed-upon deadlines, the actual timeline may vary based on the complexity of the scripts and my current workload. I'll keep you informed about any adjustments to the delivery schedule.
  • Ownership and Rights: Upon completion and full payment of the scripting services, I will retain full ownership of the scripts created. However, I can give you 3 months of exclusivity (or otherwise can be discussed) before I would showcase the work in my portfolio, with any sensitive server-specific details redacted.
  • Support and Maintenance: I offer a limited period of post-delivery support to address any issues or bugs related to the scripts I've provided. After the support period, we can discuss ongoing maintenance and updates on a separate basis.


Contact Me:

Ready to enhance your Ragnarok server with custom scripts? Contact me today at discord @pajodex or send me a message. Let's discuss your vision, bring your ideas to life, and create a truly unique experience for your players.


You can also access my shop or simply support me by buying me some coffee!

Test server is now up! You can access my shop scripts by downloading my test server. Just add data.grf and it should be good to go.



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Gidz Cross

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Very easy to deal with. Approachable. Knows what he's doing. Open to suggestion. 2 thumbs up!

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