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  1. How to add an image in the empty Doram slot?
  2. I followed to the letter the tutorial available on the rAthena wiki to add a custom status and when I try to test it with an item it activates the stone curse Help please
  3. vehuel

    Hunger system

    I've been reading about states, so I think you can create 2 states, 1 hungry and one satisfied. does anyone have a guide?
  4. I am investigating on how to create a hunger system where players need to eat constantly and increase the amount of food required while leveling up, it occurred to me to create a passive skill that is the "hungry" state, this will make the HP decrease until it is at 1 and the sp at 0, in addition to adding negative states; To counteract this ability I would like to create an active skill that lasts a certain amount of time disabling the hungry state, this skill must be activated with a consumable item. I would like you to help me and explain what I should do to build this system ... I already read the guide to add skill in the rathena wiki and I did not understand
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