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  1. I have engaged a developer to help improve on my server. He suggested me to separate website hosting from game server hosting. This problem occurred. Now the developer doesn't even know what to do, pretty sure he shot himself in the foot there. Can anyone help me with this please?
  2. UPDATE: 15th June 2021 (STILL HIRING) Greetings, I have a running server at guild-ro.com and I am looking for a developer to work with. Requirements: - Design a better webpage with SSL (access the website with just "guild-ro.com") - Solve game bugs - Proficient with centOS 7 (you are also going to install a bug tracking tool at linux) - openkore experience a bonus ! (optional) Drop me a PM on discord, Windy#0003
  3. How can I download thor-patcher? Other player's client in my server need to work too. I have done the data.grf on my client but I need to apply that change to my players as well. How do I create a good installer for the client?
  4. Thank you once again, how about thor-patcher? What does it do? I am able to follow your steps until thor-patcher.
  5. I have installed the grf editor and the visuals are back ! Thank you ! However, my character still cannot move into the corridors where the notice board and kafra is. How do I work with this?
  6. I actually paid someone to set up the game and the server for me, and he replied that the he is also using chris's client as well
  7. Thank you so much ! How do I get the .grf file editor if I may ask?
  8. As seen in the screenshot, the 2nd floor of the academy in Izlude is blackened. The player cannot move nor turn its character around. The only way is to use fly wings or butterfly wings. Looking for someone kind who could help me fix this bug and various other bugs.
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