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  1. Do I need to have 2 VPS for that? Can I just 1 VPS for server and website and just use cloudfare to hide ip when they ping it?
  2. I dont know if this is the right place for the topic but ill ask it anyway. I have a website installed in my VPS and I want the website to have a diff IP from my VPS server (so that that VPS IP wont be exposed) and in my clientinfo.xml I want to put the website name as an address. So my question is: How do I not expose VPS IP address in my website but use the website domain's name in clientinfo.xml as an address? Thanks!
  3. Yeah! It works already. Thats what I did. Thanks!
  4. That was what I did. But I need a visual representation of the DB. Anyways, I have already successfully installed phpMyAdmin. Thanks!
  5. i just commented the payon_in03 since it doesnt exist in old payon map
  6. yes I did add the .get files in the map_cache.dat and restart the server.
  7. I have added necessary files to the grf to convert new payon to old payon: I have also edited the maps_athena.conf to comment out the pay_in03 same as for the map_index.txt. But when I go to payon, it never loads Please Help! Thanks!
  8. yeah this is solved already
  9. I have the same problem.. im done with the client side and added the .rsw .gnd .gat .bmp files and it is working but the izlude map has areas that isnt walkable anymore. I have followed your guide but it didnt work for me. BTW in the weemapcahce you cant put .rsw so i put .gat file of the old izlude map and its not working. Please Help! Thanks!
  10. I have downloaded kro client with christmas themes in maps like prontera and some other maps are like alberta or izlude are different or wide which causes some warp portals placed in different locations and some NPCs gone like the turtle dungeon warper in alberta. How to resolve this? or how to revert maps back to original like the prontera without the christmas theme, alberta and izlude back to original? Please help! Thanks!
  11. andoy

    Cash Shop

    I did leave empty line but still will be replaced by some text
  12. Please take a look at your script posted. This is line 19: is that updated?
  13. Is it acceptable to insert into the database the name , kills and deaths every kill in PVP? Will there be any lag issues later on? Because I want to have a PVP ladder that's why Im planning to insert those datas in PVP. Thanks!
  14. Can I ask on your script why it has no sql query to insert into table for the pvp ladder? Thanks!
  15. Hi, Please help me add Sky City to my server. I wanted it for the VIP Room. Thanks!
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