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  1. Basically, everything is smooth except for one thing, when I drop the card to floor I get error or by just moving the card I get error also. Do I need to put anything at visionary_tab.txt? This is what I do, I used custom card sprite Did I left out anything for custom card, please help me to point out, thanks!
  2. Actually is in kro/system lol
  3. Lol, I also finding the itemInfo.lub
  4. Is it itemInfo.lub at data folder? Why I can't find it? lol.
  5. As refer to the topic, is there any tutorial on how to add hairstyle and clothes? As well as new headgear and so on.
  6. What do you mean by floating npc? lol Is a clean SVN, direct from trunk on this website, and I recompile it whenever i change something, I used a new and fresh one, still the same thing, auto default == anything I can do? Thanks Mysterious, I enable the npc without I notice that. Thanks a lot
  7. I change to less 10k also same, no different, any expert can help?
  8. Not about, whenever I start up my sql, this appear, it change the exp to default figure.
  9. //-------------------------------------------------------------- // rAthena Battle Configuration File // Originally Translated by Peter Kieser <[email protected]> // Made in to plainer English by Ancyker //-------------------------------------------------------------- // Note 1: Value is a config switch (on/off, yes/no or 1/0) // Note 2: Value is in percents (100 means 100%) // Note 3: The max level of classes is stored in the exp table. // See files db/exp.txt and db/exp2.txt to change them. //-------------------------------------------------------------- // Rate at which exp. is given. (Note 2) base_exp_rate: 10000000 // Rate at which job exp. is given. (Note 2) job_exp_rate: 10000000 // Turn this on to allow a player to level up more than once from a kill. (Note 1) multi_level_up: no // Setting this can cap the max experience one can get per kill specified as a // % of the current exp bar. (Every 10 = 1.0%) // For example, set it to 500 and no matter how much exp the mob gives, // it can never give you above half of your current exp bar. max_exp_gain_rate: 0 // Method of calculating earned experience when defeating a monster: // 0 = uses damage given / total damage as damage ratio // 1 = uses damage given / max_hp as damage ratio // NOTE: Using type 1 disables the bonus where the first attacker gets // his share of the exp doubled when multiple people attack the mob. exp_calc_type: 0 // Experience increase per attacker. That is, every additional attacker to the // monster makes it give this much more experience // (eg: 5 people attack with 25 here, +(25*4)% -> +100% exp) exp_bonus_attacker: 25 // Max number of attackers at which exp bonus is capped // (eg: if set at 5, the max bonus is 4*bonus-per-char regardless of attackers) exp_bonus_max_attacker: 12 // MVP bonus exp rate. (Note 2) mvp_exp_rate: 10000 // Rate of base/job exp given by NPCs. (Note 2) quest_exp_rate: 10000 // The rate of job exp. from using Heal skill (100 is the same as the heal amount, 200 is double. // The balance of the exp. rate is best used with 5 to 10) heal_exp: 0 // The rate of exp. that is gained by the process of resurrection, a unit is 0.01%. // Experience calculations for the experience value * level difference of the person revived / 100 * resurrection_exp/10000 which the revived player has can be got. resurrection_exp: 0 // The rate of job exp. when using discount and overcharge on an NPC // (in 0.01% increments - 100 is 1%, 10000 is normal, 20000 is double.) // The way it is calculated is (money received * skill lv) * shop_exp / 10000. shop_exp: 0 // PVP exp. Do players get exp in PvP maps // (Note: NOT exp from players, but from normal leveling) pvp_exp: yes // When a player dies, how should we penalize them? // 0 = No penalty. // 1 = Lose % of current level when killed. // 2 = Lose % of total experience when killed. death_penalty_type: 1 // Base exp. penalty rate (Each 100 is 1% of their exp) death_penalty_base: 100 // Job exp. penalty rate (Each 100 is 1% of their exp) death_penalty_job: 100 // When a player dies (to another player), how much zeny should we penalize them with? // NOTE: It is a percentage of their zeny, so 100 = 1% zeny_penalty: 0 // Will display experience gained from killing a monster. (Note 1) disp_experience: yes // Will display zeny earned (from mobs, trades, etc) (Note 1) disp_zeny: yes // Use the contents of db/statpoint.txt when doing a stats reset and leveling up? (Note 1) // If no, an equation will be used which preserves statpoints earned/lost // through external means (ie: stat point buyers/sellers) use_statpoint_table: yes P/s: I did rebuild it, still doesn't work.
  10. 1 more question, why i change the exp.conf and rebuild it, the exp still the same like normal, but the mvp does work. any idea?
  11. What do you mean by packet_db.txt are corrrect? I using 2012-04-10a and I changed the mmo.h to 20120410a as well. And by default 2012-04-10a packet_db.txt already got right? I still getting the message (5011). Can point out where I did it wrongly? Thanks! P/s: I did rebuild when I change the mmo.h as well as diff the 20120410a, and in clientinfo.xml, I used the version 30 as packet_db.txt stated.
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