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  1. Can i use this to make a damage ranking? For example world boss damage ranking that will store the damage in my database
  2. I've shorten the script for better viewing, how can I make this script choose what is on my inventory instead of choosing in the menu. Also Instead of paying coin(20000) i would like to change the requirement on what i choose on my inventory, for example, i choose Anniversary Hat on my inventory therefore the item will be deleted after its done.
  3. hello rathena i would like to ask if you can help me convert herc plugins into source code. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AnnieRuru/Release/master/plugins/Request %26 Answer/bHPGainRateWhenHit/bHPGainRateWhenHit_0.5.c i want to try this on rathena but i dont know how to transfer it. hope you can help me with this one.
  4. How can i set the bolt damage to per hit, normal behavior is total damage hit, i want to make bolts to deal separate damage not total damage for example im dealing 100000 bolt damage (Original) Fire bolt lvl 10 - 100000 total damage (10000 per bolt) (Mod) Fire Bolt lvl 10 - 100000 per bolt damage
  5. up for this, need for long range too
  6. I need help and assistance with these i want to apply it on my server for my worldboss ranking script but i dont know how to apply this
  7. anyone can help me with these?
  8. Great Dev and Very responsive to any of my answers. 100% Guarantee fast and reliable. looking forward on doing more business with you. thanks as always
  9. how to make 5 of charm will only work in inventory then if have 6 only 5 will work
  10. I need help with this script because it also removes the random item option of my items when putting stones. also i want to make it only 3rd slot of the item can only be enchant and it requires the Gem or Orb when adding enchant. [Card] , [Card] , [Orb] , [Empty] and an option where i can remove the orb without breaking both eqp and orb. all_enchanter (1).txt
  11. that only implies with skill damage not physical attack.
  12. it tried to limit the reflect but still exceed the max damage limit bonus. return cap_value(min(rdamage,max_damage),INT_MIN,INT_MAX); im also using stormbreaker source mod bonus bDamageLimit but when i try to make an item that will chance to deal max pyhiscal damage, it ignores the reflect of it if (sd) { for (const auto& it : sd->atkratechance) { if (it.value2 > rand() % 1000) ATK_ADDRATE(wd.damage, wd.damage2, it.value1); } but when i try it with magic attack the reflect just work fine. if (sd) { for (const auto& it : sd->matkratechance) { if (it.value2 > rand() % 1000) MATK_ADDRATE(it.value1); } TL:DR. i just want to make a damage cap on my files but looking at battle.cpp i cant make it work. I tried to change max damage in cliff.cpp but it was just visual. max damage on my server deals 2.147Billion and i just want to make it to my specific limit.
  13. can you show a simple example of the script for my reference.
  14. but i cant make it choose which slot im going to put the item option. i want it like a scroll that will give 1~10% MaxHP (or other options) to all gears including shadow gears.
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