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  1. sorry for the delay on answer , i got it , ty man =]
  2. hey guys , i woonder if someone can help me ... i need to modify this comando for pvp , where when active , and i recevi a hit , only the person who hit me can continue , like it became a duel , others on pvp can't hit me until one of us is dead or leave the pvp room ( 5 sec delay after no hit is detecter ) i dont know if im expressing my self the right way , but it will be like this , when command is on , and someone hit me , will became a duel , ignoring everyone else . Ty guys
  3. n00b

    No KS on PvP

    exactly, but it would be activated automatically when one player hit the other (if the command was active for one of them)
  4. n00b

    No KS on PvP

    Hey guys , I would like to request a command for pvp that would work like this, when activated and received an attack on pvp, only the two would be able to beat each other until one dies, preventing 4 from hitting 1, a duel in the pvp arena without others player can get in the way. Preventing mob in the pvp arena. yes, i already have a 1x1 arena but i would like to create this command to work in the main arena. Thank you all
  5. Hey guys , need some help plz ... i add the script and all but he wont work , only when i change the first line witch is : - script Versus -1,{ and i put some information like it was a npc , he work annunce and all but not the npc located on morocc... can someone help me please ? ty !
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