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  1. I have a bug in the Doram class. This is the following I can distribute the points all right in the doram. However, when confirming the distribution the skills do not release. That is, the points disappear but the skills do not open. How do I solve this? By giving Ok. Skills do not open.
  2. My Clown's cards are removing FPs. How do I remove this? Put disenchanting skill type.
  3. Following. My old programmer made a change in my soul linker. In the Esma skill. It is being used without Estin 7, Estun 7. How do I leave the requirements normal? Just to use the Esma ability. Using the above two skills?
  4. Like this? Did not catch! 31366,Ticket VIP 1 Day,Ticket VIP 1 Day,2,1000,,200,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{atcommand "@vip +24h "+strcharinfo(0)+"";},{},{}
  5. I'm trying to create 3 VIP Tickets. VIP Ticket 1 day, VIP Ticket 15 Days and VIP ticket 30 days. You're all set. Just need to configure in item_db.txt how do I put it there? I wanted the item to pull itself function. Or it can be normal anyway. Can someone help me?
  6. Pessoal estou com problemas em descompilar minha lua files. Seguinte, eu já usei vários programas. Mesmo assim não consigo. Será que alguém pode me ajudar? Lua Files AQUI
  7. Thank you very much. that was it :)
  8. I put the script else gave this error. [Error] Missing 1 right curlys at file. Why did you make that mistake?
  9. I would like to request a script. To exchange 3 Zeny Ticket. 1b, 500k, 100k. Id 31366 100k Id 31367 500kk Id 31368 1b And vice versa. Example npc will remove the zeny and give the tickets. And when the players have the tickets, it turns into zeny. Thank you!
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