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  1. yo, im new at using browedit. my problem is when im using my custom texture in Browedit, it's good but when im in game the texture is black. is there a step i miss or something. note that i followed the steps in youtube by brandon adding custom texture in browedit. this is my payon file where the tiles is black, the black tile is my custom text. TY if someone could help me PayonNyeam.rar
  2. Sino marunong gumamit ng browedit at maglagay ng custom texture. bug po kasi texture ko na custom pag nasa browedit okay naman pag in game na siya Black na lang yung tiles TY. PayonNyeam.rar
  3. im also having a problem with my custom texture. when i add the images, the images load at browedit but in game the textures are all black. i also use default texture from my data.grf, the texture doesnt have any problems. and i experimented something, i added the default texture to my custom.grf now the default texture i put in my custom GRF is also black. i think my custom.grf is wrong any tut in making custom texture grf for browedit? note that i laready watch the tut at youtube. content creator brandon
  4. just wanna ask im new at using browedit and i added my custom texture but in game my textures are black in game i watched Brandon's tut at youtube and did his tut step by step
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