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    My name is GypsumHong, I like to create Private server,I got almost 10 project Server to finish it ! YEAH !

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  1. oh.... so.. selain mengupdate-kan kRO saya ke latest version , ape yang saya perlu buat untuk dapat support item dari latest version terima kasih !
  2. so EP15.1 punya item sudah boleh digunakan ?
  3. hello bro , i want to ask about update the GRF so i just del my old xxx.grf , data , system , then i replace the latest into my kRO then i use grf builder to build the data . am i correct ?
  4. @problem solve 1) sir Winz edit my MySQL , i dont know need to chg my id SEX to M LOL 2) after that no error , then when char selection , got reject from server (3) i just change my client 2013-07-03 and it work hahaha thx guy for help
  5. did you mind share what you diff in your client ?? and use what diff.exe ? thank you
  6. gidzdlcrzshould i use grfbuilder to build the data folder after change the clieninfo ? or just edit the clientinfo from kro/data thx for info
  7. Don't forget to re-compile it after you edit the mmo.h yes , i already did it after that , the new rathena server , in the mmo.h default date is 20130807 , so i use 20130807 ragexe to diff , then i no need to compile the source cause it already inside ..
  8. yes i use it too , but ... no good resualt .....
  9. Hello semua saya ada problem dengan server saya apabila saya login , error come out reject from server saya guna 2013-08-07 , packet.db version is 45 dekat emulator char server , ade error report macam ini [Warning] : s aid=1 has an incorrect version =0 in clientinfo . server compiled 45 ) saya sudah edit clientinfo.xml dekat data folder saya dekat kRO dan saya juga telah edit clientinfo dekat data then build it again with grfbuilder sure mmo.h pun telah edit ke 20130807 , tapi latest rathena server default is 20130807 , so saya tidak ada mengubah apa-apa maaf , saya telah post ke international support tetapi tidak ade seseorang pun boleh menolong http://rathena.org/board/topic/95041-help-incorrect-client-version/ sure , saya sudah buat research tapi error yang mereka dapat ada [Warning] : s aid=1 has an incorrect version =26 in clientinfo . server compiled 30 ) they fix the problem just change version at clientinfo but my error is incorrect version =0 in clientinfo . server compiled 45 ) ada jugak yang edit sikit dekat client diff maybe my problem is from diff ?? or ?? oh gooodddd arhhhhhhhhhhhhh #saya jugak telah guna ID 2000000 admin account gambar dibawah ialah yang lama , tapi yang baru ialah [Warning] : s aid=1 has an incorrect version =26 in clientinfo . server compiled 30 ) thank you for reading my sad story
  10. thanks for answering my question guys like given ! #solve
  11. can't T^T still cannot i have no idea which part i do wrong , maybe my client problem ? i diff wrong ??
  12. hello any one can help me , i got problem in changing version at clientinfo.xml i just want to know where to change ? RO Folder --> data or data folder , after that use grf to build it back ... or 2 also need to do it ... thx reply me ASAP thank you
  13. yes , i got 2 ID , one is normal and the second one is 2000000 ( admin ) but still error i got go search but all people is ( [Warning] : s aid=1 has an incorrect version =26 in clientinfo . server compiled 30 ) that mean incorrect version is 26 , but mine is 0 lol I FOUND A GUY but he dont have mention how he fix this one maybe i need to do again the step to change client ....
  14. Did you try to change the value between the version tag? (From 0 into 42) so , i use 2013-07-03 , v42 but stil same error maybe you can help me here http://rathena.org/board/topic/95041-help-abour-ragexe/#entry255997
  15. @Winz yo bro now i use 2013-07-03 yes , i already edit the mmo.h ( 20130703 ) after that yes , i recompile the 4 project , but still error ( [Warning] : s aid=1 has an incorrect version =0 in clientinfo . server compiled 42 ) i think is my rathena problem , so i del it and download a new one , but it still error i got test with 2012 but still error and i follow this step every time i change client 1) edit the mmo.h -- change to 20130703 2) then go to data/clientinfo , change the version , ( and i check my packet.db , 2013-07-03 , is 42 , but why other people is 38 ?? ) 3) afther that use GRFbuilder to build the data because already edit the clientinfo 4)then , rebuild the server folder because already change the mmo.h date
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