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  1. Hello, I'm having problems with my emulator, when I use the skills. SA_FLAMELAUNCHER, Endow Blaze SA_FROSTWEAPON, Endow Tsunami SA_LIGHTNINGLOADER, Endow Tornado SA_SEISMICWEAPON, Endow Quake SA_VOLCANO, Volcano SA_DELUGE, Deluge SA_VIOLENTGALE, Whirlwind disconnects from the server, MAP server error and closes accuses alone. I'm using Hexed 30.07.2010, compatible with the date, already set everything in MMO emulator to work with Hexed, everything is perfect except these skills, just click to use, ja accuses error and disconnects all. On the Map server, no complains error when I use the skill, and the DC Hexed so use does not appear or a message. Sorry for bad english. Thank you for your attention.
  2. Hello World! please a Sprite with clothes for GM or coat with this picture! Thx for attention!
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