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  1. Thankyou for you effort sir @Skorm .. I tried this but I think the .maps_to$[0] is not working ? only the .maps_from$[0] maps are working where it restricts me to use warp when im on the listed maps ..but the one that restricts me to go to the listed map is not working ... if(inarray(.maps_from$[0], strcharinfo(3))>-1) { message strcharinfo(0), "You can't open use warp here!"; end; } else if (inarray(.maps_to$[0], strcharinfo(3))>-1) { message strcharinfo(0), "You can't warp to that map!"; end; } I think they have same equation sir ?
  2. Good day! I would like to ask for a script that will restrict my gm staffs to @warp in mvp maps (block this command if they use it to warp on maps with mvp monsters) and also to block @recall when they load on map that has MVP (just to be sure.) .. The recall script will bind when they are on a certain map and unbind when they warp on a map that is not on the list ... Thankyou so much
  3. Hi! Like what the title says , I want to ask and Im very curious if is it possible to 'trigger' the floating rates using that script ?? mr. @Tokei helped me on my old script wherein players are required to donate zeny on floating rates npc and when they reached the maximum required donates the NPC will activate for 24hours and continue on changing rates every hour while event is active ... but the problem on that script was, the timer for changing the rate is using OnMinute00 .. So, If I activate the Event on 02:30pm, instead of having a 24hour countdown it will only give me 23hours and 30minutes because the first 30minutes have already passed ... Now, Im thinking of using gettimetick command to change the rates every time the timer losses 1hour or 60minutes .. Timer will trigger after I give what the NPC is askin like; '$fr_delay = gettimetick(2) + (.fr_delay * 3600);' set .fr_delay,24; then every hour that will pass will change the rates I hope you understand my question ..I have a very bad english tho ... Hope someone notice my question and if possible please help me construct the whole script coz im not good at it thankyou btw! heres line to the script given by sir @Tokei .. all credits to this kind dev
  4. Hi ! Is it possible to add commands/conditions before you can open these features ??? Also on Modifying Homunculus and Pet names .. like asking for zeny payment ..On bank, It should ask you to open account first ? thanks
  5. Hi ! Im trying to make a paid rename npc for homun and pet but its not working on my sql script query_sql "UPDATE `pet` SET `name` = '"+escape_sql([email protected]$)+"' WHERE `name` = '"+getpetinfo(2)+"'"; query_sql "UPDATE `homunculus` SET `name` = '"+escape_sql([email protected]$)+"' WHERE `name` = '"+strcharinfo(0)+"'"; Its updating on my database but once I relog it will change back to old name ,... thanks
  6. yes sir its working when I type it as a command @channel leave #main ... but when I add it on npc as 'atcommand "@channel leave #main" ' its not working
  7. Hi! Is it just on me or is atcommand "@channel leave #main" not working ??? Please enlighten me
  8. Origami

    Renamer NPC

    Good day ! I need an NPC that lets player to choose on these options (RENAME CHARACTER, RENAME GUILD, RENAME PET and RENAME HOMUNCULUS) THANKS A LOT !! ^_^
  9. Thankyou for your response sir @Emistry but right before the response ive already did this script Works fine but I cannot move this line if (guildopenstorage()) { mes "[Kafra Employee]"; mes "I'm sorry but another guild member is using the guild storage"; mes "right now. Please wait until that person is finished."; return; } On upper part coz it will cause problem .. Thanks!
  10. I need to make a new function for GUILD STORAGE wherein it will check if you re a member of a guild and check zeny .. I tried doing this default: setarray [email protected]_Menu0$[0],"Save","Use Storage", "Use Teleport Service","Rent a Pushcart","Check Other Information","Cancel"; break; default: setarray [email protected]_Menu0$[0],"Save","Use Storage", "Use Guild Storage","Use Teleport Service","Rent a Pushcart","Check Other Information","Cancel"; break; The guild storage opens , yes , but doesnt look like opening normal storage that you need to hit CLOSE before the storage opens ... And also doesnt check for ZENY (I think this is for free service only) How will I add another function here and call it ? Like this ??? else if ([email protected]_Menu0$[[email protected]] == "Use Guild Storage (200 Zeny)") { callfunc "F_KafGuildStor",1,0; next; } and create this ? function script F_KafGuildStor { <CONTENT HERE> } Everytime I do it the npc stuck ... I'm trying to edit it from FUNCTION KAFRA.txt coz I want all my kafra to have this paid GUILD STORAGE service Thanks in advance
  11. Hi ! Im using old client now .. I just want to ask if is it possible to manipulate the bank button on my alt +V ? like you need to talk to NPC first to open account before using that feature ... and also add password on it ? Thanks a loot .. I dont know where section to post it im really sorry
  12. Ohh Thats why .. I get it sir ... So, the extra minute came from the difference between the trigger time and the 00 of the next hour right ?? ... Hmmm .. How about after reaching the goal , There will be an announcement that "THE FLOATING RATES EVENT WILL START IN THE NEXT 00 OF NEXT HOUR" ? I apologize for asking too much ,but ... How to add cooldown after the event ends sir ?? Like if the timer reached zero , The NPC will be disabled for the next 6days .. and announce when players can donate again ? Im so noob on this .. Thankyou for assisting me sir @Tokei Edited: Sir as ive observed, everytime I reload script the rates are changing ... Okay my bad sir .. I managed to fix the OnInit: by adding this line if ($floating_rates_hours_left > 0) { end; }
  13. Goodmorning (*PH time) .. Yes2 exactly sir ! I need the script continously running for 24hours without any interruptions ,,, Thanks I will try this one sir ! Godbless
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