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  1. Uploaded a screenshot from the beach island's side. See first post.
  2. A whole map dedicated to traders to sell/buy. You can either choose to put NPCs for players to buy all kinds of stuff or let players set up their shops in their own tents. It also includes a little beach island with deckchairs, some shadey/hidden areas that can lead to indoors (for illegal shops? xD) and also walking access on some ships and boats.
  3. Davven, if you still need some of your old maps, for future edits "maybe" I still have them yes, I purchased them directly from you at eAthena .

    Welcome back!

    1. DavDav


      That would be great!! Can yku send them to me on this email: [email protected] 

      I would really appreciate it!! 😄

    2. Royr




    3. DavDav


      Thank uou so much Royr. I owe you 🙂

  4. Yep, it's me. ^^ thanks for your warm welcome
  5. It's been too long, I don't think anybody here remembers but i used to do lots of maps for RO. After 9 years, I started mapping again. Here's my first one. (I've photoshopped some random sprites on the screenshots to give an idea.) xD