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  1. Krypt

    Vending Bug

    We are receiving this kind of bug as well. HOpefully someone can fix it.
  2. Yes I've added this one. fs.file-max = 4096 net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 1024 65000 and in my limits.conf * soft nproc 65535 * hard nproc 65535 * soft nofile 65535 * hard nofile 65535 root soft nproc 65535 root hard nproc 65535 root soft nofile 65535 root hard nofile 65535
  3. I've tried setting it for both root and the user that is using rAthena. Even changing the limits.conf and other things needed to change in the open file limits.
  4. As you can see in the image I provided. The ulimit is already changed. Both hard limit and soft limit based on the ulimit -a command given in the image.
  5. Still no solution. Even rAthena devs can't answer it D
  6. Nope. Haven't fixed this problem yet.
  7. I've set the max player connection to 3,000 and the server is still stuck on 1024. When the server got 1024 online players then the other players cant login anymore. ./configure --with-maxconn=300 as per below https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/3799
  8. There is no damage on "High Wizard Kathryne" if I am using Lord Of Vermilion on her. It should do some damage on her. It has no damage at all. Client - 2018-06-21
  9. We are in need of developer who's good in doing SRC Stuff. Pm me on discord for more info: Discord - HeroesOfValhalla#0867
  10. I want skills can be use outside icewall. So for example I am inside the ice wall then I should be able to use skill to hit the outside enemies. I have tried this but didnt work with ice wall. // Whether placed down skills will check walls (Note 1) // (ex. Storm Gust cast against a wall will not hit the other side.) skill_wall_check: no
  11. Still nothing ...
  12. Item Names on 2018 Client looks like this - Item Names cut. Is there any way to revert it back to look like this ( 2015 client ) - Names doesn't cut.
  13. Krypt

    Old FCP Behavior

    Can I ask an old fcp behavior ? The one that removes strip buffs when using FCP. Or you can just teach me how can I find old rAthena revision so I can find the old one... http://trac.rathena.org/changeset/16567/rathena --> NOT WORKING LINK
  14. Make sure you have user named localhost with the IP as host.
  15. Okay let me try what you said if it will not cancel any buff when changing shields
  16. @Mabuhay What fix should this change give ?
  17. Is there any way to keep the buff when changing shield ? I tried to remove this but there is a bug on it that if you don't have shield then you can still cast shield skills like autoguard etc.. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/d612788ed79f37851d6a3ce83561e922abf550fe
  18. Hey Functor, Read my message at skype. I already paid and send the files but you are not answering Its been 2 days already...

  19. I have my item_group_db set to this. isAnnounced is set to 1 so it should announce the item. But when I got the said items, there is no announce showing. Client: 2015-11-04 // Item Group Database // // Structure of Database: // GroupID,ItemID,Rate{,Amount,Random,isAnnounced,Duration,GUID,isBound,isNamed} // Valkyrie Scroll IG_ValkyrieScroll,5286,1,1,0,1 --- > Should have announce IG_ValkyrieScroll,5210,1,1,0,1 --- > Should have announce IG_ValkyrieScroll,5471,1,1,0,1 --- > Should have announce IG_ValkyrieScroll,12411,3,1,0 IG_ValkyrieScroll,12412,3,1,0 IG_ValkyrieScroll,12684,3,1,0 IG_ValkyrieScroll,7776,3,1,0 IG_ValkyrieScroll,14533,9,2,0 IG_ValkyrieScroll,14592,9,2,0 IG_ValkyrieScroll,12210,9,2,0 IG_ValkyrieScroll,14003,9,3,0
  20. I am currently having this error on my console. I am using this autoattack.diff
  21. Check the IP and the Port in clientinfo or sclientinfo
  22. Krypt

    Ragnarok Classic

    Ragnarok Classic is looking for someone who is capable of coding website. Design to use: https://rathena.org/board/files/file/3314-yourro-free-design/ Send me a PM here in rAthena or Discord ( Krypt#0828 )
  23. - Fixed - Solution : New item_trade.txt
  24. This is the first time I encounter this problem. There is no item in my item_trade. Just today, other players complaining that they can't drop or trade items. I tried it on my GM Character and on my Normal Character and I confirmed the issue. But other players can trade/drop. What's the problem ?
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