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  1. STFU

    Vending Bug

    Hi Emistry! No, I did not adjust any related vending settings.
  2. STFU

    Vending Bug

    Hello everyone! I've received this bug from my player where he put the 'DROPS CARD' for 1,500,000z but only sold for 10,000z. Is there anyone have experienced this as well? Server's Githash : ce42168b0d2d25f66ab8a5fc5e2ef24d988274ae
  3. Hi, have you fixed this problem? I'm having the same problem too
  4. Hi everyone! Is there any possibilities to diff the Custom Player Skill to a 20180620 client? or if you can I'm looking for someone who can diff a Custom Player Skill to a 20180620 client. Message me. Thanks!
  5. The first one will only work on enemy, and the second one will only work on friend.
  6. I want it to be castable to your enemy as well as your team mate... I tried putting 17 but didn't work.
  7. Can you help me how to do this? I tried to edit it but I I think I may be wrong on modifying it.
  8. Hello, do you guys know how friendly-sharpshooting system works? And also I'd like to make the skill Mindbreaker can be casted to your guildmate.
  9. Hi, sorry for my late reply. I tried putting it in my server it didn't work
  10. Hello, I'm just wondering if you guys have the commands which compatible with the latest rathena svn?
  11. Hello, tanong ko lang kung bakit nag ga-ganito yung nangyayare sa BG? Sorry kung mali ako ng post sa thread na 'to. Nagfi-freeze kasi sya ng ganyan lang after may ma-kick na players na afk. Thanks! Help would be very much appreciated.
  12. Hi, I'm having this problem. May I know what you did here?
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