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  1. I explain. I want to edit the description of an item, simple. To do this, I edit the description in the file itemInfo.lua. Ok The problem is that I then review the changes I have made, using the TortoiseGit, and I realize that a lot of changes were made related to the translation of certain special characters. For Example: Then, many of these changes sometimes exclude some double quotes, which generates an error in the execution of the client Is there a tool that allows me to make specific changes? Anyway, what language is the one that appears to me as special characters? Thanks a lot in advance friends!
  2. Thanks for your support anacondaq I wanted to ask you the following: I have the emulator running on my local machine and I can run the client without problems, everything works wonders! But, with some friends we want to do more tests, and we bought a host (VPS) where we uploaded the emulator and made the corresponding changes to connect to it using the same client. The problem is that sometimes the server lets you in, you can see the characters, create new ones, enter the maps, use the GM commands, etc. But most of the time, the login returns a "Failed to connect to the server" and in other opportunities, you can log in, but when you select a character, instead of loading the map, it returns "Connection Rejected" Do you know why this could happen? I understand that if it were a configuration problem, in any case I would not be able to enter, but there are times that I can enter without doing anything different, and other times (most) will not let me enter. I've noticed that, on some occasions, I run the server, and it returns errors related to the connection to the char-server, but if I run the server again a couple of times, it ends up connecting correctly (the connection tests I always do when the char-server manages to connect correctly, of course) Example: And Then: Will it be a configuration problem of ours? (exe - emulator) Or will the host have a problem? We have some way to identify it? Again, thank you very much for your help!
  3. Thank you very much for your contribution! I wanted to make a query, to enable the use of the letter Ñ and the graphic accents of Spanish, I need to enable the ASCII characters in the exe, could I upload an exe with that functionality? please