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  1. Goodevening ! Can someone help me with this script I copied here on rathena ? the OnPCLogoutEvent is not working . But when I use the NPC Manager the script is working .. I dont understand why ..
  2. Good day ! I solved it .. I just diffed it using nemo and tick the "Disable Packet Encryption" .. Thanks a lot for your help and effort ! cheers !
  3. Hi I downloaded System and Data files of pre renewal ..and added it on my ro file but still DC
  4. thanks .. but which one should i select here .sorry im new here
  5. Hi thanks ! Im having problem with this one ..After I select character server is disconnecting ...I dunno why .. I compiled my defines_pre and packets.h already to 20151104 please help
  6. Can I ask for a clean 20151104 client ragexe ?? Please everyone who have it can you share it Thankyou !!!!
  7. This one really helps ! I actually made a simple hack using CARD PREFIX name hhahaha ! .. I made a card that has prefix named BROKEN ...but this one is much better thankyou @Emistry
  8. Good day ! I don't know if I'm on a right section but I'm having trouble right now .. When I'm turning on the PVP mode "@pvpon" my player account always crash .. I don't know why ..heres the photo
  9. Hi sir thankyou for patiently helping me ..didnt tried it yet but I appreciate your effort ..can I ask if is it possible to check the refine of item 501 and transter it on item 601 ... Example I have Jur +10 and I want to transfer it on Spec Jur to make it +10 upon exchanging? Thankyou sir !!!!!!
  10. Good day ! I just want to know how to disable costume tab? please help thankyou ...
  11. Hi thankyou for your fast response sir it not possible to make it like this setarray [email protected], 501,502,503; setarray [email protected], 601,602,603; If i pick item 501 it will automatically exchange to 601 so on so on ....
  12. Good day ..I would like to request an Item Exchanger that uses array script .. This is how it will work The NPC will only recognize 3 items (501 502 503) when I click the NPC the recognize item will appear as menu .. If I chose 501 the NPC will exchange it for item 601 , if I chose 502 the NPC will exchange it for item 602 on thanks
  13. bump anyone ? please thankyou !
  14. Hi I just wanna ask if is it possible to rename or add name on my item but "not the owners name" like on the Lupus' Script ITEM NAMER ? like for example .. I want to set the name into "BROKEN" to GMG Item .. The item will be [BROKEN] GIGANTIC MAJESTIC GOAT HELM ... How ? Help thankyou ..The scriipt of item namer is below
  15. Can I ask for the best 2009 or 2010 ready client side ? I dont know how to diff ragExe its always showing error .. I mean the ready like this
  16. Good day ! Can you help me? Is it possible to have an NPC that buys an Item (technically this npc is for selling purposes only) but the twist is ..You can undo or if you accidentally sold your important item you can undo selling within 24hrs buy the NPC will ask for labor fee ..everytime you sell the same item the labor fee on undoing it will increase.Sorry for my bad english I hope you can help me Thanks amigos
  17. Yes sir im just ask so if there is existing one I wont waste time scripting hehe ..thanks sir
  18. I just want to ask if there are existing rathena party questings ?? if none can I ask for some unique PARTY QUESTS except Devil Square Endless Tower and Hunting Mission ? hmmmm ... I need a HARDCORE PartyQuests Thankyou !
  19. Good day I just want to request an npc that will allow items to be trade .. details : For Example the item Beelzebub Card is non tradable. In order to make it tradable I need to pay for POD and use this NPC . after paying and making it tradable, I can now sell it to players or trade it on storage or what so ever ..But in Order to wear it or use it you need to Unseal it.after sealing it this item will return in non trade state. Just like Dragon Nest Game you cannot trade unless you put stamp on the item. Thankyou in advance guys
  20. Hi sorry I dont have set shop button option -_- what version of nemo are you using maam?
  21. Good day .. I just need some help here guys .I already diffed my clent exe to hide Cash shop icon but its still there
  22. Hi, is it possible to restore old char select lke 2015 client on 2018 client ?thanks
  23. Good day. Is mail script not working on ragnarok 2015 ? because I have an error but in 2019 its working and mail [email protected][[email protected]], "GM", [email protected]$, [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]mailamount;