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  1. Good day I just want to request an npc that will allow items to be trade .. details : For Example the item Beelzebub Card is non tradable. In order to make it tradable I need to pay for POD and use this NPC . after paying and making it tradable, I can now sell it to players or trade it on storage or what so ever ..But in Order to wear it or use it you need to Unseal it.after sealing it this item will return in non trade state. Just like Dragon Nest Game you cannot trade unless you put stamp on the item. Thankyou in advance guys
  2. Hi sorry I dont have set shop button option -_- what version of nemo are you using maam?
  3. Good day .. I just need some help here guys .I already diffed my clent exe to hide Cash shop icon but its still there
  4. Hi, is it possible to restore old char select lke 2015 client on 2018 client ?thanks
  5. Good day. Is mail script not working on ragnarok 2015 ? because I have an error but in 2019 its working and mail [email protected][[email protected]], "GM", [email protected]$, [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected];
  6. Sorry for my bad english master .. What I mean is ..that script was modified to become disabled OnInit ..and will be enabled OnClock ..but Ive noticed that even the script is disabled, it is still storing Deaths and Kill records ..hmmm that should be turned off when Npc is disabled to prevent abusing of ranking points
  7. thankyou i will test it later ill let you know if it works on me ... Hmm how about terminating storation of databasa upon disabling script? Hmmm
  8. Hi @Haruka Mayumi ive tested the script .. But Im getting stucked on menu after I select one
  9. Hi thankyou ! didnt tried it yet ..I just have one more question please ?.. that npc is turning enable and disable .just like event npc ..Ive noticed that event Ladder is disabled it still storing pvp records of kills and deaths can I disable that ? I want to stop storing data when npc is disabled to prevent Score abuse ..thanks
  10. Good day .. I have miss @AnnieRuru 's script of pvp ladder with kill announce I would like to ask if is it possible to announce if the player from Rank #4 gets promoted to rank #3 .and if he Gets the #1 rank . I mean just to inform players that "We have a new Champion" or "This player advanced on this rank" Please help ..Here is the script ,Ive already added some features there please forgive me miss annie for adding some codes ..
  11. Hi does anyone know where can i find this one
  12. thanks ..Is there a way to use the old character select screen mode ? instead of the new UI ?
  13. Goodmorning. Im using 2018 trunk rathena and also client ..Im planning to downgrade to 2015 client version ..Is it possible or is it fine if I use my 2018 trunk but my client is 2015?Or I have to change my rA files thankyou
  14. Direct message my the map link ill do it
  15. Good day .. I just want to request a random quest npc where in : case 1: jellopy 200x , garlet 200x apple 200x case 2: silk 200x , hairband 1 etc case 3: different items again the reason why im looking this npc is I have a daily quest with rewards ..I dont want players to horde requirements and submit it every day ... Thankyou
  16. I fixed it sir @sader1992 Thankyou .its just on my notepad can I direct message you ? I have a question hmm
  17. I'm getting this kind of error sir
  18. Ahm okay sorry bad english master sader Lets say I talk to NPC and I want to brew grenade bottle in bulk In my inventory I have 713 x250 , 970 x250 and 1059 x259 (item id) I'll input 250x grenade bottles The npc will now brew but not it will read chances for every item .. Because in my script when NPC ALISA FAILES all 250 items will be lost , no success items .. Hope you understand -_- Im using rathena 2018
  19. Good day sir sadders .. I tried the script but it didnt work ...Can you help me with this one ?
  20. Good evening ! Im trying to create a BULK BREWER like I want to brew 100 GRENADES and 100 ACID Bottles but the thing is ,If I input a quantity of 5 ,It will succeed or fail ...My problem here is ,how can I make it succeed or fail for every quantity ? for example I input 10 ,3 will fail but 7 will successfully brewed . Heres my Script Please Help me Thankyou
  21. Thank you sirrrr!!!! ^_^