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  1. Got it, I found the profile file and it replicated the list of patches perfectly. Tried out another Ragexe patching and it worked. Thank you! Thank you for the screenshots on the necessary settings on OpenServer's end! That solved it for me. Also if anyone else is reading this and is also new like me, apparently the initial FluxCP setup didn't play nice for me unless I used my root account credentials for it.
  2. Hey there Anacondaqq, Thank you very much for the package! I've been tinkering it and it has been very helpful. I do have two questions, though: 1. I noticed on the initial page that you stated that you don't remember the patches that the patched exe has, but the readme also listed that the original patched exe was 2017-06-14bRagexeRE_patched.exe when the current package has a newer exe, so I was wondering if you would happen to have a list now. Attempting to patch the exe myself with the version of NEMO in the package still gives me an error when I actually try to use it, so knowing the list of patches you used would be very helpful as I'd like to use additional patches. 2. I see that OpenServer comes with a web server as well. Have you gotten Flux CP working on it? I attempted to follow various tutorials around the forums and from Googling, but even though it looks like I installed Flux CP, I still have no idea how to launch it. If you have a tutorial that you recommend, that would help greatly. Thanks again for the package - it's been helping me learn the ins & outs.