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  1. I think the 18124 server is for the contacts. When I'm not starting it, there appears the message "Reconnecting".
  2. Thanks, it's downloading now. I got it running already I will try the solstice reborn later when the download finishes. I also try to make a small java server from the python code of yours. I have already a database layout prototype. Character creation would be good to know, what the client needs/send..
  3. Hi Zidane, this is very interesting. I have played this game also for years and was one of my favs. I would like to help you with everything I can. I also have this client: Solstice-01_36_0002.exe Unfortunately the torrent does not start downloading, so I cant check the requests and responses at the moment to see if I can make a server script. The version 01_36 does not start. Edit: I found the 01_31 on gamefront. After I select the character, the game goes all black. Do I miss something? Edit 2: Xen Online works best I guess. I would like to check solstice reborn. because it was the most completed one. Im not good with hex and bytes.. sooo this may take a while You did an awesome job there!