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  1. Seems so, I didn't yet test how client do things for buddy list.
  2. Added packets description for login server (1818 port). Next will be character server.
  3. Oh, sorry, it's was qbittorrent bug with trackers order. I fixed it. Try add some trackers for download this magnet. If you tryed with "old" version of server emulation scripts - this means they use another encryption keys for this version. Does serv18123.py running? What output? It's must say something like "Recvd BF ...." after character selected.
  4. This mmo like RO and it's already closed. Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secret_of_the_Solstice A few years ago, I remembered playing this game in 2008, but it was already closed. For fun, I decided to try to "run" this game. So, I found the game client and do some work for investigate game packets for login. Result on the attachment. So, If someone want to do server for this game I can investigate all game packets, and do game client data extraction. All what I already done(some packets description, simple server response emulator, extraction tools) is on this page: https://github.com/Marisa-Chan/Xen-O-Proto Git repository also has utils for some data extraction, like this: https://imgur.com/a/NC1UDLH And also I made torrent for found game clients. P.S. If you are still has newer game client - please give it to me - I will add it to torrent.
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