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  1. Its me again! I would like to provide additional information regarding my request. From the LGP presentation video in @Functor services, we can see what it would seem a High Wizard (we can see Energie Coat on stateicon) which also displays auto guard and reflect shield when under the influence of devotion. Maybe it is my client's problem, but I still haven't found the solution.
  2. I don't understand why you can't have 5 spirit sphere... I have the same source than you... When i tried, i haved 5 spirit ball. You never haved 5 spirit ball with Call Spirit since you have your emulator?
  3. in your db folder, pre-re or re folder (I don't know which one you use) in skill_db.yml. Do you have this ? its my skill_db in pre-re folder
  4. Hi rAthena, long time no see!! After a few hours of research, i found that devotion skill give shield buff and other buff like Endure. I don't know if i have a real information but according to iro wiki and ratemyserver. So I tried adding a stateicon for the Devotion skill, successful as you can see. And I said to myself ok, now I'm going to see if the icons for Endure, Auto Guard and Reflect Shield appears when I am under the influence of Devotion and it looks like only the Defender icon is displayed. Could someone have an explanation for me? Thank you for the time you take to answer me!
  5. Hello, I'm back on rAthena after a long hiatus. So I'm a little lost with all the additions. I would like to take advantage of the BG extended, but the package seems not to be downloadable. Is this a mistake on my part or is it compatible with one of the many extended BGs that can be found on github? If yes which. Thank you for your reply
  6. thank you for this amazing job !! However, do you have a tutorial for integrating it into the RO client. Basically, this will allow us to log in with our master account, see all the available accounts, and choose which one I want to start with before the exe starts? Or integrate it directly into the executable? Because creating a master account is great but if it does not allow us to manage our accounts by launching the game, it is not useful to us. This is not a negative review, I greatly appreciate your donation. really, thank you!
  7. Hello, it's me again. It seems that everything related to the extended BG of easycore has expired on rathena, I have been trying for 8 days to install some sources according to this link https://github.com/xEasycore/eamod/tree/master/Servers/rAthena/src/map but nothing done, I still don't have the same lines of codes as in my ExtendedBG.diff Especially in Battleground.c and Battleground.h. Someone has a tip for me, I'm new to modifying src, I apologize. Thank's community.
  8. Nobody can help me? Even a negative answer suits me.
  9. Hi Rathena! I have been looking for this for some time but cannot find. Someone can help or guide me to get my hands on it. Thank's community.
  10. //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Euphy's WOE Controller //===== By: ================================================== //= Euphy //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.5 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena Project //===== Description: ========================================= //= A controller for War of Emperium designed for //= simplicity and ease of use. //= Many concepts taken from ToastOfDoom's script, //= and "rewards" function originally by Goddameit. //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= Be sure to disable the default agit controllers! //== npc\guild\agit_controller.txt //== npc\guild2\agit_start_se.txt //============================================================ // Information NPC //============================================================ prontera,143,178,4 script WOE Information 487,{ doevent "WOE_CONTROL::OnMenu"; end; } // Script Core //============================================================ - script WOE_CONTROL -1,{ function Disp_Owner; function Add_Zero; OnInit: // ----------------------------------------------------------- // Configuration settings. // ----------------------------------------------------------- set .CastleWarp,0; // 1: Always enable all castle warps. | 0: Warp only to active castles. set .AutoKick,1; // Automatically kick players from inactive castles during WOE? (1:yes / 0:no) set .NoOwner,1; // Automatically kick players from unconquered castles outside of WOE? (1:yes / 0:no) set .ExitWarp,0; // Warp all players from castles when WOE ends? (1:yes / 0:no) set .GMAccess,99; // GM level required to access Session Manager. // ----------------------------------------------------------- // Reward options. // ----------------------------------------------------------- // [1] Enable rewards. // [2] Mail all rewards. // - If not set, players receive items in their inventory. // - Only ONE item can be sent via mail, plus Zeny. // - Note that offline players do NOT receive rewards. // [4] Only reward Guild Masters. // - If not set, all guild members are rewarded. // - If mailing is enabled (option 2), offline Guild Masters WILL receive rewards. // [8] Duplicate IP check. // - Members in a guild with the same IP address are not rewarded. // - If Guild Masters is enabled (option 4), this feature is not used. // ----------------------------------------------------------- // Combine values as needed (e.g. 1|8 = 1+8 = 9). set .Options, 1|8; // Rewards per castle. // -- when given directly: <itemID>,<amount>{,<itemID>,<amount>,...} // -- via mail (option 2): <itemID>,<amount>,<Zeny> //setarray .Reward[0]; // ----------------------------------------------------------- // Constants (leave this section alone). // ----------------------------------------------------------- setarray .Castles$[0], "prtg_cas01","prtg_cas02","prtg_cas03","prtg_cas04","prtg_cas05", "payg_cas01","payg_cas02","payg_cas03","payg_cas04","payg_cas05", "gefg_cas01","gefg_cas02","gefg_cas03","gefg_cas04","gefg_cas05", "aldeg_cas01","aldeg_cas02","aldeg_cas03","aldeg_cas04","aldeg_cas05", "arug_cas01","arug_cas02","arug_cas03","arug_cas04","arug_cas05", "schg_cas01","schg_cas02","schg_cas03","schg_cas04","schg_cas05"; setarray .EndLabel$[0],"ar01","ar02","ar03","ar04","ar05","sc01","sc02","sc03","sc04","sc05"; setarray .Days$[0],"Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday"; setarray .Regions$[0],"Prontera","Payon","Geffen","Aldebaran","Arunafeltz","Schwaltzvalt"; setarray .Map$[0],"prt_gld","pay_gld","gef_fild13","alde_gld","aru_gld","sch_gld"; setarray .MapX[0],134,240,153,111,208,121,295,317,140,204,214,308,143,193,305,48, 95,142,239,264,158,83, 68,299,292,293,288, 97,137, 71; setarray .MapY[0], 65,128,137,240,240,233,116,293,160,266, 75,240,240,278, 87,83,249, 85,242, 90,272,47,155,345,107,100,252,196, 90,315; // ----------------------------------------------------------- set .Size, getarraysize($WOE_CONTROL); if (.AutoKick || .NoOwner) for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<30; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { setmapflag .Castles$[[email protected]], mf_loadevent; setd "."+.Castles$[[email protected]], [email protected]; } if (!agitcheck() && !agitcheck2()) sleep 4000; set .Init,1; OnMinute00: freeloop(1); if (agitcheck() || agitcheck2()) { for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<.Size; set [email protected],[email protected]+4) if (gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK) == $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]] && gettime(DT_HOUR) == $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+2]) { OnWOEEnd: announce "La WoE est terminer! Merci a tous d'avoir participer.",bc_all|bc_woe; AgitEnd; AgitEnd2; sleep 1000; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<30; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { if (.Active[0]&(1<<[email protected])) Disp_Owner(.Castles$[[email protected]],1); if (.ExitWarp) maprespawnguildid .Castles$[[email protected]],0,3; } if ((.Options&1) && .Active[0] && .ForceEnd != 2) callsub OnReward, .Active[0]; deletearray .Active[0],2; if (.ForceEnd) { set .ForceEnd,0; end; } break; } } if ((!agitcheck() && !agitcheck2()) || .Init) { if (!agitcheck() && !agitcheck2()) set .Init,0; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<.Size; set [email protected],[email protected]+4) if (gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK) == $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]] && gettime(DT_HOUR) >= $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+1] && gettime(DT_HOUR) < $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+2]) { deletearray .Active[0],2; set .Active[0], $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+3]; if (.Init) { AgitEnd; AgitEnd2; } else announce "La WoE commence!",bc_all|bc_woe; sleep 1000; AgitStart; AgitStart2; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<30; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { if (.Active[0]&(1<<[email protected])) { if (!.Init) Disp_Owner(.Castles$[[email protected]],0); set .Active[1], .Active[1] | (1<<(([email protected]/5)+1)); } else { if ([email protected]<20) { donpcevent "Agit#"+.Castles$[[email protected]]+"::OnAgitEnd"; killmonster .Castles$[[email protected]], "Agit#"+.Castles$[[email protected]]+"::OnAgitBreak"; } else { donpcevent "Manager#"+.Castles$[[email protected]]+"::OnAgitEnd2"; killmonster .Castles$[[email protected]], "Steward#"+.EndLabel$[[email protected]]+"::OnStartArena"; } } } break; } } set .Init,0; end; function Disp_Owner { set [email protected], getcastledata(getarg(0),1); if ([email protected]) announce "Le chateau ["+getcastlename(getarg(0))+"] "+((getarg(1))?"a été conquis":"est actuellement occupe")+" par la guilde ["+getguildname([email protected])+"].",bc_all|bc_woe; else announce "The ["+getcastlename(getarg(0))+"] castle is currently unoccupied.",bc_all|bc_woe; return; } function Add_Zero { return ((getarg(0)<10)?"0":"")+getarg(0)+(getarg(1,0)?".":":")+"00"; } OnReward: set [email protected]$, ((.Options&4)?"position = 0":"online = 1"); if (.Options&2) set [email protected]$,gettimestr("%B %d, %Y",21); freeloop(1); for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<30; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) if (getarg(0)&(1<<[email protected])) { set [email protected], getcastledata(.Castles$[[email protected]],1); if ([email protected]) continue; set [email protected], query_sql("SELECT account_id,char_id FROM `guild_member` WHERE guild_id = '"[email protected]+"' AND "[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]); for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<[email protected]; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { if ((.Options&8) && !(.Options&4)) { set [email protected]$, replacestr(getcharip([email protected][[email protected]]),".","a"); if (getd("[email protected]_"[email protected]+"_"[email protected]$)) continue; setd "[email protected]_"[email protected]+"_"[email protected]$,1; } if (.Options&2) { query_sql("INSERT INTO `mail` (send_name,dest_id,title,message,nameid,amount,identify,zeny,time) VALUES ("+ "'no-reply',"[email protected][[email protected]]+",'** Siege Reward: "+getcastlename(.Castles$[[email protected]])+" **',"+ "'Brave one,% % Congratulations!% Your guild has successfully occupied% territory in the War of Emperium on% "[email protected]$+".% % % % % [ Your reward is attached. ]',"+ .Reward[0]+","+.Reward[1]+",0,"+.Reward[2]+",UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()))"); if (!getd("[email protected]_"[email protected][[email protected]]) && isloggedin([email protected][[email protected]],[email protected][[email protected]])) { setd "[email protected]_"[email protected][[email protected]],1; message rid2name([email protected][[email protected]]),"You've got mail! Please re-login to update your mailing list."; } } else if (isloggedin([email protected][[email protected]])) { for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize(.Reward); set [email protected],[email protected]+2) getitem .Reward[[email protected]], .Reward[[email protected]+1], [email protected][[email protected]]; message rid2name([email protected][[email protected]]),"You have been rewarded for conquering "+getcastlename(.Castles$[[email protected]])+"."; } } } if (.Options&2) query_sql("UPDATE `mail` SET message = REPLACE(message,'%',CHAR(13)) WHERE send_name = 'no-reply'"); return; OnPCLoadMapEvent: if (!compare(strcharinfo(3),"g_cas")) end; if (((.AutoKick && .Active[0]) || (.NoOwner && !getcastledata(strcharinfo(3),1))) && !(.Active[0]&(1<<getd("."+strcharinfo(3))))) { if (getcharid(2) && getcastledata(strcharinfo(3),1) == getcharid(2)) end; sleep2 1000; message strcharinfo(0), getcastlename(strcharinfo(3))+" is currently inactive."; sleep2 5000; if (compare(strcharinfo(3),"g_cas")) warp "SavePoint",0,0; } end; OnMenu: while(1) { mes "[WOE Information]"; if (agitcheck() || agitcheck2()) { if (.Active[0]) { for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<.Size; set [email protected],[email protected]+4) if (gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK) == $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]] && gettime(DT_HOUR) >= $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+1] && gettime(DT_HOUR) < $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+2]) { set [email protected], $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+2]; break; } mes "The War of Emperium is ^0055FFactive^000000 until ^FF0000"+Add_Zero([email protected])+"^000000 in the following regions:"; mes " "; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<6; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) if (.Active[1]&(1<<([email protected]+1))) mes " > ^777777"+.Regions$[[email protected]]+"^000000"; } else mes "The War of Emperium is ^0055FFactive^000000."; } else { for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<.Size; set [email protected],[email protected]+4) if ((gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK) == $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]] && gettime(DT_HOUR) <= $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+1]) || gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK) < $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]]) { setarray [email protected][0],$WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]],$WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+1]; break; } if (!getarraysize([email protected])) setarray [email protected][0],$WOE_CONTROL[0],$WOE_CONTROL[1]; mes "The War of Emperium is ^777777inactive^000000."; if (.Size) { mes " "; mes "The next session will begin"; mes "on ^0055FF"+.Days$[[email protected][0]]+"^000000 at "+Add_Zero([email protected]me[1])+"^000000."; } } next; switch(select(""+((.CastleWarp || .Active[1])?" ~ Warp to castles...":"")+": ~ Check schedule...: ~ View castle owners...:"+((getgmlevel()<.GMAccess || !getgmlevel())?"":" ~ Manage sessions...")+": ~ ^777777Cancel^000000")) { case 1: if (.CastleWarp) set [email protected]$,"^0055FF"; set [email protected]$,""; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<6; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { if (.CastleWarp || .Active[1]&(1<<([email protected]+1))) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$+" ~ "+((.Active[1]&(1<<([email protected]+1)))[email protected]$:"^777777")+.Regions$[[email protected]]+" Castles^000000"; set [email protected]$, [email protected]$+":"; } set [email protected], select([email protected]$)-1; set [email protected]$,""; for(set [email protected],[email protected]*5; [email protected]<([email protected]*5)+5; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { if (.CastleWarp || .Active[0]&(1<<[email protected])) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$+" ~ "+((.Active[0]&(1<<[email protected]))[email protected]$:"^777777")+getcastlename(.Castles$[[email protected]])+"^000000"; set [email protected]$, [email protected]$+":"; } set [email protected], select([email protected]$)-1; warp .Map$[[email protected]],.MapX[([email protected]*5)[email protected]],.MapY[([email protected]*5)[email protected]]; close; case 2: mes "[Schedule]"; if (.Size) { freeloop(1); for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<.Size; set [email protected],[email protected]+4) { mes "> ^FF0000"+.Days$[$WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]]]+" ("+Add_Zero($WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+1])+"-"+Add_Zero($WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+2])+")^000000"; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<30; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) if ($WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+3]&(1<<[email protected])) mes " ~ "+getcastlename(.Castles$[[email protected]])+" ^777777("+.Castles$[[email protected]]+")^000000"; if ([email protected]+4 < .Size) mes " "; } freeloop(0); } else mes "No times are configured."; next; break; case 3: mes "[Castle Ownership]"; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<6; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { set [email protected], [email protected]*5; mes "> ^FF0000"+.Regions$[[email protected]]+"^000000"; for(set [email protected],[email protected]; [email protected]<([email protected]+5); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { set [email protected], getcastledata(.Castles$[[email protected]],1); mes " ~ "+getcastlename(.Castles$[[email protected]])+": "+(([email protected])?"^0055FF"+getguildname([email protected]):"^777777unoccupied")+"^000000"; } if ([email protected] < 5) mes " "; } next; break; case 4: while(1) { mes "[Session Manager]"; mes "There are ^0055FF"+(.Size/4)+" session(s)^000000 configured."; mes "What would you like to do?"; next; switch(select(" ~ Add a session...: ~ Delete a session...: ~ Reload settings...:"+((agitcheck() || agitcheck2())?" ~ End WOE session...":"")+": ~ ^777777Go back^000000")) { case 1: mes "[New Session]"; if (.Size > 127) { mes "You have already reached the maximum of 32 sessions."; next; break; } mes "Select a day."; next; set [email protected], select(" ~ "+implode(.Days$,": ~ "))-1; mes "[New Session]"; mes "Select a start time for ^0055FF"+.Days$[[email protected]]+"^000000."; next; set [email protected]$,""; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<23; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$+" ~ "+Add_Zero([email protected],1)+":"; set [email protected], select([email protected]$)-1; mes "[New Session]"; mes "Select an end time for ^0055FF"+.Days$[[email protected]]+"^000000."; next; set [email protected]$,""; for(set [email protected],[email protected]+1; [email protected]<24; [email protected],[email protected]+1) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$+" ~ "+Add_Zero([email protected],1)+":"; set [email protected], select([email protected]$)[email protected]; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<.Size; set [email protected],[email protected]+4) if ([email protected] == $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]] && (([email protected] >= $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+1] && [email protected] < $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+2]) || ([email protected] > $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+1] && [email protected] <= $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+2]) || ([email protected] <= $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+1] && [email protected] >= $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+2]))) { mes "[New Session]"; mes "The chosen times overlap with an existing session."; next; set [email protected],1; break; } if ([email protected]) { set [email protected],0; break; } set [email protected],0; while(1) { mes "[New Session]"; mes "^0055FF"+.Days$[[email protected]]+" ("+Add_Zero([email protected])+"-"+Add_Zero([email protected])+")^000000"; mes " > Castles:"; if ([email protected]) mes " ~ ^777777(none selected)^000000"; else for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<30; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) if ([email protected]&(1<<[email protected])) mes " ~ "+getcastlename(.Castles$[[email protected]])+" ("+.Castles$[[email protected]]+")"; next; set [email protected]$,(([email protected])?" ~ ^FF0000Finished...^000000":"")+":"; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<30; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$+" ~ "+(([email protected]&(1<<[email protected]))?"^0055FF":"")+getcastlename(.Castles$[[email protected]])+" ("+.Castles$[[email protected]]+")^000000:"; set [email protected], select([email protected]$)-1; if ([email protected]) set [email protected], [email protected]^(1<<([email protected])); else { mes "[New Session]"; mes "Are you sure?"; next; switch(select(" ~ ^0055FFAdd session...^000000: ~ Continue selecting castles...: ~ ^777777Cancel^000000")) { case 1: for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<.Size; set [email protected],[email protected]+4) if (([email protected] == $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]] && [email protected] <= $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+1]) || [email protected] < $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]]) { set [email protected],1; break; } if ([email protected]) { set [email protected],1; set [email protected],.Size; } copyarray $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+4], $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]], [email protected]; setarray $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]; set .Size, getarraysize($WOE_CONTROL); case 3: mes "[New Session]"; mes (([email protected])?"Session added.":"cancelled."); next; set [email protected],1; case 2: break; } if ([email protected]) { set [email protected],0; break; } } } break; case 2: mes "[Remove Session]"; if (!.Size) { mes "There are no sessions configured."; next; break; } mes "Select a session to remove."; next; set [email protected]$,""; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<.Size; set [email protected],[email protected]+4) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$+" ~ "+.Days$[$WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]]]+" ("+Add_Zero($WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+1],1)+"-"+Add_Zero($WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]+2],1)+"):"; set [email protected]$, [email protected]$+" ~ ^777777Cancel^000000"; set [email protected], select([email protected]$)-1; if ([email protected] == (.Size/4)) break; mes "[Remove Session]"; mes "Delete ^0055FF"+.Days$[$WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]*4]]+"'s^000000 session?"; mes "This action cannot be undone."; next; set [email protected], select(" ~ ^FF0000Delete session...^000000: ~ ^777777Cancel^000000"); mes "[Remove Session]"; if ([email protected] == 2) mes "cancelled."; else { deletearray $WOE_CONTROL[[email protected]*4],4; set .Size, getarraysize($WOE_CONTROL); mes "Session deleted."; } next; break; case 3: mes "[Reload Settings]"; mes "This will trigger all events related to new session configurations, if any."; if (agitcheck() || agitcheck2()) { mes " "; mes "Be aware that this will disrupt the current WOE session."; } next; set [email protected], select(" ~ ^0055FFReload settings...^000000: ~ ^777777Cancel^000000"); mes "[Reload Settings]"; if ([email protected] == 2) mes "cancelled."; else { set .Init,1; donpcevent "WOE_CONTROL::OnMinute00"; mes "Variables have been re-initialized."; } next; break; case 4: mes "[Force Agit End]"; if (!agitcheck() && !agitcheck2()) { mes "WOE has already ended."; next; break; } mes "This command will safely execute all AgitEnd events."; mes " "; mes "Kill the current WOE session?"; next; set [email protected], select(" ~ ^FF0000End session...^000000:"+((.Options&1)?" ~ ^FF0000End session without rewards...^000000":"")+": ~ ^777777Cancel^000000"); mes "[Force Agit End]"; if ([email protected] == 3) mes "cancelled."; else { set .ForceEnd, [email protected]; donpcevent "WOE_CONTROL::OnWOEEnd"; mes "WOE session terminated."; } next; break; case 5: set [email protected],1; break; } if ([email protected]) { set [email protected],0; break; } } break; case 5: close; } } } Hello to the Rathena community, I'm using the Euphy's Woe Controller. We have modified it a bit so that it corresponds to the expectations of our server, we apologize in advance to Euphy if this upsets him. We would like to make Woe of 1h30 instead of 1h or 2h. Is that possible? Thank you for your future responses. Sorry for my bad english, i used google translate
  11. Hello Rathena, As indicated in this title, I am looking for the wings that you see on the screenshot. I am not looking for Seraph Wings Helm but wings which are yellow. She was called the "Mana Wings". The name resource is called "YggWings" I use the google translator. Thank You. EDIT: I just realized that I did not post in the right place, I wanted to move or delete it to repost, but it is not possible! I therefore assume the sanctions that will be given to me.
  12. Yuno

    Aura problem

    After verification, I only have whitelight.tga and freezing_circle.bmp in my file data/texture/effect. And on nemo I didn't check the custom aura. Thank's for answer
  13. Yuno

    Aura problem

    @hakuren sorry i didn't see your answer i use client 2018 05 30
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