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  1. Thank you for your quick response, I will make this source change right away. Nobody had this problem then?
  2. Hello to the Rathena community! I apologize in advance if I post in the wrong place, I am not English and I have a little trouble with the language, as you can see I write to you using google translation. My problem being that one of the players of my private server used the command @autotrade (or @at) having open Guildstorage ... By reconnecting the next day, he can not reopen his Gstorage at all. It tells him that he is already open and that he has to wait for it to be closed by another user to be able to open it. Except he's alone in guild. I try to look in my SQL tables but no way to find a solution to solve the problem. In short, my server considers that the Gstorage is constantly open when it is not. The player just did @at while his Gstorage was open. Has anyone ever had the trouble? And if so how did you solve it? Any help puts precious. Cordially, Yuno.
  3. Thank you, no problem for the colors, I will do it myself. Thank you very much I recommend you
  4. Hello to the community, firstly sorry for my english, I'm stupidly using a translator lol. Second, I apologize if I have not posted in the right place, I hope a moderator will not hold me. I would like to have this sprite for my server. I already used the search function and found this link: But it seems that the download is no longer possible, or that the link is obsolete. Can someone share me or direct me to a site where I can find this sprite? Thank you in advance.
  5. Up! someone to help me please without that my server will not see the day it's over I just miss the website
  6. Hello, first sorry if I'm wrong place to post my problem. I look for several days (11 days more exactly) to install my fluxcp on my website but I still have this error message: Error: PDOException Message: SQLSTATE [HY000] [2002] Connection refused see details on the screenshot. having tried a lot of things, no way to succeed in installing it. Apparently it would be because I do not have a user accepting an external connection to my dedicated server. yet I did everything I was told for but it still does not work. Someone could make a tutorial with screenshot on the support so that can install my theme fluxcp? knowing that locally I get there but as I try online it does not work. waiting for an answer and sorry for my english I'm not english Yuno cordially