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  1. Hi, I need to duplicate the teleport skill and put default settings on it. to teleport to a predetermined map or open a portal to this same place. I tried using the guide on the wiki but got confused by the information.
  2. greetings I am in need of an NPC to serve as an instance manager. 1. I need him to check if the player has the item ID 21101 in its inventory. 2. I need it to cover a "key" by entering itemID 21121(custom item). this ir will be consumed to release entry. 3. I would like the NPC to be able to "control" several instances, I allow the ADM to choose which maps will be instances, duration time before being kicked, etc. 4. Within the instances will have various mobs if you can create something like that, I'm very grateful. If you put only 1 instance configured as an example, I can keep creating and editing the others. thanks. english by googletranslator =D
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