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  1. @sader1992 Thank you! I was doing exactly this before I posted but somehow can't get it to work, Im obviously doing it wrong. I managed to get the offline server to work though, but I cant figure how to "apply my online ragnarok files" to it. - with the Rathena folder, you mean the trunk folder that I can access thru WinSCP? - Should I use the clean kRO folder, or should I use the folder from my Online Ragnarok? - Im watching a guide, I dont know if I understood it correctly, but it seems after setting up the offline ragnarok, I need to update the server side and client side. Btw, I really appreciate your monster mode generator @sader1992 !!
  2. It may sound weird but how can I make an offline version of my Online Ragnarok? I need it so that I can test stuff before I update my online ragnarok. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Hello Functor, I sent a PM. thank you.

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